Thursday, December 20, 2012

OK Maybe I'm a Gun Nut After All

On the radio again.

Talking about guns and our rights.


  1. You getting better with each experience. This time you were diplomatic in getting out your points and on insisting on being permitted to continue.

    The following is to demonstrate how much better you are than me at this.

    My one experience with Bill Bennett I inadvertently duplicated a faux pas of George W Bush (his slip came to mind and I slipped identically with the same stammer) and he was not pleased. That plus he didn't like where my assertion was leading.

    Bill had ways though of blunting your last point rather than expanding on it (Yes, i got it... but) and I find that typical of them all. As I've been told on many instances, all talk jocks are willing to let callers say anything as long as it permits the host to look good and in control.

  2. Here's another example for you Ed. Notice I sparingly used my razor.

    That was because I noticed that we were allowed to hear words that provide a peak at the truth. Then it becomes our job to fill in the blanks as best we can.

    Seek out and discuss the issues with those who are receptive and with whom you feel comfortable. For the last, look for protection from Him as you trust your instincts.

  3. Now your fresking me out.
    Red pill. I want the red pill.

  4. Well done again Ed! At least you are getting air time!

  5. Thanks NFO.
    Saving the Republic one phone call at a time.