Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah....

In listening to some of the SOTU after it was given (analysis), it occurred to me that he drones on and on.
We're worried about his use of drones.
His droning is killing me.
I also noticed he said stuff like "colleges must....", "we must...", dictating what we must do.

Rita, somewhere else online, said she couldn't bear to listen to "Charlie Brown's Teacher".


  1. Yes, he droned on and on.

    I fell asleep.

  2. "His drone is killing me."

    He he.

    Never seen ANYONE who loves to hear himself talk so much.

    Well, other than maybe a few skan... (never mind - I won't finish typing that word out of respect the host here) liberal bloggers that is.

    (Those bloggers love SEEING themselves too: Ooh, look another picture of MEEEEE!!!! Or: "Come see me naked [hiding my flab behind a chair - but stick around for the 'writing']!!!")

    Ick. No thanks.

  3. I refused to watch his propaganda as it is nothing but that.

  4. Didn't watch. I'd bet most of his supporters were not watching or if they were then they were thinking "yea, just shut up and gimme the money". Same as anytime biden goes to talk to the teachers unions.

  5. Was on the road, so I didn't miss much it sounds like...

  6. Frankly I enjoyed listening to Rubio go on about the private sector when the fraud has sucked at the public trough all his life. Absolute fraud.

    Thinking about how badly the rethugs are going to get their butts kicked (by Hillary) if that's the best they can field is comforting.

  7. Guys, I didn't watch it, I was working very late, but it was on in an office and nobody was watching it.
    The guy kept dictating what we were going to do, with or without Congress.

    Ducky, Thanks for stopping by. I hope you're not right, of course.