Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Why would you allow yourself to be disarmed?

The following black screen is a non-youtube video:
Bang your mouse on it and it will play.


  1. All I'm seeing is a black screen, but no NEVER intentionally...

  2. Well darn. There was an embedded video there last night. I'll try and fix it later.

  3. As mentioned above, no video.

    As for the question asked, I respond, "No!"

    The only contingency would be if I developed a brain tumor or other brain disease that made me clearly mentally incompetent AND a danger to others. We did have to disarm my Grandpa and my grandmother because they developed dementia. Grandpa was angry my grandmother, who had moments of lucidity, actually handed over her firearms.

    I limited Mr. AOW's access to firearms after his stroke -- until the neurologist pronounced him compos mentis 1.5 years later.