Saturday, June 15, 2013


There are those congresscritters who said that Snowden should have come to them.
What would they have done, even if they agreed with him (as Sensenbrenner indicates).
Snowden going to ANYONE (even congress) violated the rules.
And if a sympathetic congresscritter agreed with him, the only route left would still be exposure to the public, because the oversight committees had already approved the activity.
Making the oversight committees a shadow government.
If the Patriot Act is more limited than the oversight committees approved activity as Sensenbrenner (the author) believes, then the real authority is the oversight committee, and who in their ranks would expose it?

There are people who think that what the NSA was doing was OK.
This begs the question, "OK by the law, OK by the Constitution (may God bless and protect it), or OK by their own wishes.

I had this conversation on the Bill Bennett show yesterday.

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  1. I finally got to hear this*. You did great getting his reluctant but seemingly not too sincere agreement. Another goldstar for bulldog Ed.

    Since I got a mac-mini, I have only its appallingly weak internal speaker using the apple software. I had to use my WinXP PC today, and remembered to log on here. I finally could hear you loud and clear. I'm glad I remembered.

    Nice job being both diplomatic and not getting shut down.