Saturday, July 27, 2013

A Satisfying Saturday

Some new equipment that was overdue was delivered today to our plant.
It's arrival has reduced tremendously the risk our operation faced.
We now have our own equipment, and a spare.
We can return the borrowed equipment to our sister facility reducing their exposure (we were using there spares).
The equipment had to be received, and then modified by our maintenance team.
The maintenance guys report to me, and they are a good lot.
We all did what we had to do and while I was waiting for the last to be done, I thought of a solution to a vision inspection problem on some other equipment that's been vexing me and I implemented it.
Less cycle time, more reliable results!
Came home, read some blogs, commented on a local radio show and now I write this.
It's been a rainy Saturday and as I write this the sun is coming out.
At 5pm.
Maybe the grass will dry enough to mow.


  1. Glad y'all are back up and online... No backup is NOT a good feeling in any area of endeavor... and that rain? It just got here...

  2. Oh thanks, it's cutting into my time on the golf course... sigh...