Sunday, July 28, 2013

System Armed

Just watched a commercial for ADT Security.
The couple says they've got two little reasons [holding babies] to get it and one big reason:
The house next door was broken into.
"Luckily no one was there."
[picture of ransacked house]

Lucky for who?

I pity the fool comes bustin' in my house while we're here.

The system isn't armed.

A commercial for surrender to the criminal element.


  1. The best of security companies can only offer alarms, a promise to call the police and a monthly fee.

    In the real world, burglars should fear for their lives and abstain from their craft. They intrude when people are most vulnerable. Such mistakes should have capital punishment.

  2. That it is, and one more 'push' for the Nanny State...

  3. A competent thief is going to wait till you aren't home.

    At that time your gun loon posturing is worthless and it may be best to have an alarm.

  4. Duck, the point was that the homeowner in the commercial was glad nobody was home.
    We've had occupied home invasions in this neighborhood 20 years ago BTW.
    Druggies don't think as clearly as you and I.
    Gun Loon Posturing.
    Do you try to offend people?

  5. Since I don't have a gun, I'd say I'D be lucky I wasn't there :)