Sunday, August 11, 2013

Stand Your Ground

I apologize for not posting so much lately.
You may not even read this, or if you do, it may not come to my attention that you did.
But if you did, thanks for stopping by.

I get up and put Bill Bennett's show on in the morning.
I find it very informative and comment often there.
I've stopped pasting the audio clips here, but I'm on almost weekly.
Last Monday, Bill asked me to call back later in the show to talk to Byron York and ask a question I had posed earlier, which I did. 
It's not like Byron and I had a discussion on air, and I actually had the impression that Byron had answered my question as far as he was willing to.
I record the show, and listen to the parts I didn't hear live, later in the day, usually while doing some paperwork and on my drive home.
That's when I heard Byron's answer clearer and wished I could have asked  more directly what I felt was unanswered,
It was funny, because I was challenging Byron to back up something he said about defunding Obamacare.
I let him to know I respected his opinion and opined that he should sub for Bill more, whereupon Bill started laughing and said not to worry, it would be soon.
Later it was announced that Byron would sub for Bill the next Wednesday.
It was on that show that I heard Byron actually answer my question better, without referencing it.

We have a move on to defund Obamacare, and it has caused, I'm sure you've heard, a division in the Republican Party.
Byron had said that ACA (maybe if we stop referring to it as Obamacare, we can fool his uninformed supporters into thinking it's not related to Obama and get them to reject it) could not be defunded, as the way it was funded, it's an entitlement that is not discretionary.
Others are arguing that we can kill the administrative funding.
Most are arguing that we'll never get enough Senate votes to accomplish it and override a veto.
The House is supposed to originate the budget.
But we don't have budgets, since the Democrats won't agree with them.
So we have "Continuing Resolutions" (CRs), compromising with the Democrats.
Well, if the Republican House refused to fund Obamacare in the CR and the Democrat Senate refused to go along, the government would "shut down".
And the Repubs would get blamed.
Some Repubs say that we'd never get a different message out, even though the Dems would be as guilty, since the government could be funded if they gave up funding the unpopular Obamacare.
Other Repubs say this isn't the way to go since Obamacare is the law of the land, and we should press our efforts opposing "immigration reform".
Can't do two things at once, eh?

My point here (and there) is that many people are, or have been crying "Defund!" with differing visions of how that would work.
  • not all of Obamacare can be defunded
  • there are ways of crippling it though
  • some argue that it would never get get past the Senate
  • it doesn't have to, if we're willing to stand our ground and threaten shutting gov't down.
  • we need to demonstrate opposition
  • we will be opposed and demonized (again)
  • it may distract from the opposition to immigration reform (enlisting immigrant democrat voters)
What do you suggest?


  1. Stand your ground is the reason the Tax Enough Already movement started. The idea is that the TEA members of Congress assert a leadership role by reminding the Dinosaur GOP members of principles that that party has dishonored through breaches time and again.

    There is no valid argument that they must fold because they will take a hit from the SSM (Soviet-Style Media). That is something they knew from day one. It is allegedly why they stepped forward and elected to be there -- because they are NOT members of the old gang.

    So they MUST withstand it. You and I -- we are cheering wildly so that others will follow OUR lead.

    Stand your ground is damn fine metaphor, especially given that Prez Bummer and AG older and the SSM are against laws with that name.

  2. Excellent comment, Pasc!
    As for Prez Bummer and his AG, I'd like to see Holder tried for dereliction of duty and Bummer for exceeding his powers.

  3. I'd like to see both stopped... The immigration act is a guarantee for more dem voters, and NOT good for the USA.

  4. We have 20 years of evidence that the media will castigate and blame the GOP, no matter what happens. It is time to stand for principles. I say NO MORE CRs. And I mean whether the ACA is defunded or not. It is the role of Congress to pass a budget. It time they did so. Otherwise shut the beast down.

    We always hear the Congress cannot hold future Congress to a budget item. In essence we are still working off a budget passed by an old Congress.

    If the GOP does not stand firm on Immigration and the ACA*, I will paraphrase Reagan and claim I did not leave the party, the party left me. I will not hold my nose and voter for the 'lessor of two evils' again;. It is still voting for evil.

    * I like the idea of disassociating the ACA with Obama -- too many idiots think you are attacking The One when you are attack the health care law.

    1. Thats true NFO.
      Right on Joe!
      I'd like to see someone do street interviews asking whether they detest the conservatives for attempting to force the ACA down our throats.

  5. Personally I do not know where these RINO's are getting their information from because it is seriously flawed, or they just don't give a damn and want OBAMACARE to move forward as do most Democrats. Even people like Ted Cruz are starting to waffle. It seems those who campaigned on a solid tea party platform then turned against those principles when elected need to be thrown out until they realize we are "standing our ground" against them if need be. This underlying reality is practically no-one from the general public want it (as with amnesty) and the socialists from the Grand Ole Party as well as the Democrats need to be beaten. They think they can just put off some parts of it until after another election, which is a trick they like to continue with just as they are doing with the CR's. Each passing day that there is no budget they are breaking the law and as such need (again) to be thrown out or perp walked into a holding cell where America normally deals with their criminals.

  6. Rosey: Don't be so reticent. :)
    Frankly, I'd like to see pitchforks and torches converging on the capitol.