Sunday, July 14, 2013

Not Innocent!

Some pundits this morning are making noise to the effect that although Zimmerman was found "Not Guilty", meaning he was not guilty of the charges against him, yet he was guilty of "something" because Travon died. Conversely, they are saying that Travon was not guilty of anything but going out for Skittles.

Well, if Zimmerman was not guilty based on a self-defense defense, then Travon must have been guilty of attacking Zimmerman, right?
Travon will never go on trial for that, so Travon is "Not Guilty", also.

The basis of our legal code is "innocent until proven guilty."
It's not the basis of legal codes elsewhere, a famous example being the Napoleonic Code.

But that aside, here in America, you are innocent until proven guilty in the eyes of the law.
This is true even of Nadal Hassan.

Zimmerman is Not Guilty. That is the same as Innocent.
In the eyes of the Law.

For now.


  1. Watching the closing argument of the State in the trial, they elicited zero facts and went straight for emotions with this Jury. This is why the makeup of the Jury was "all women"! Obama, the Justice Department (I use this term loosely), the media and all of the race baiters were more interested in "social justice" instead of legal justice that our system of laws provide for. This is why the State had no legal case and pressed forward anyway in hopes that Obama and his ilk's message of the oft term "social justice" would take root in the legal system. Thank God that the bravery of six women arrested this dynamic at a time that Zimmerman and the rest of America needed.

  2. The evil of the media, the government and agitators was an affront to our society. Zimmerman needs to sue all of them and make them accountable for trying to destroy him by abusing their power.

  3. Rosey: "Justice Dept" (shudder). And it goes to show, you never know what a jury will do. Even the right thing :)
    Jess: I wonder if this is a watershed moment. That we've had enough.
    I pray so.

  4. It occurs to me that since GZ was found not guilty do to a self-defense argument, that finding may diffuse a civil suit.
    Unlike OJ, where he was found not guilty with no rationale, here it was found (or implied) that Trayvon attacked GZ. Highlighting that would only be detrimental to the Martin's cause of redeeming Trayvon.

  5. A civil suit has a much lower bar that is far from "beyond a reasonable doubt" that is set for a criminal trial. Just as OJ lost the wrongful death suit brought against him after winning the criminal trial, so too does Zimmerman face a harsher reality and could theoretically lose on the civil front. Of course this has nothing to do with the DOJ leveling a "Civil Rights case" where they would have a tough time of it as the State did because the "beyond a reasonable doubt" attaches.

  6. DOJ would (or should) have a tough time given all the evidence of GZ's work with disadvantaged lack youth, etc.

  7. DOJ would (or should) have a tough time given all the evidence of GZ's work with disadvantaged lack youth, etc.

  8. Yeah, but the political pressure is building to 'get' him for something, so the next will be a hate crime on the federal level...

  9. Maybe it'll make good copy for the second edition of his book. :)
    "How I Beat the Obama Crowd"

  10. As the trial proceeded even I was shocked how little evidence the state had. It was as each of their witnesses were either a joke or were actually defense witnesses.

    It makes me wonder if the prosecutors hated getting forced to even bring the case. Nearly everyone agreed it was a mistake for them to air the Hannity interview as that gave Zimmerman the ability to get his side of the story out without ever taking the stand.

    I wonder if Zimmerman will vote democrat the next time. Maybe he will now realize just who has the back of the innocent man and who uses race as a weapon even when the episode had nothing to do with race.

  11. Maybe more than one "white-hispanic" will come to that conclusion.