Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stand Your Ground!

So Eric Holder is saying we should, in effect, repeal "stand your ground" laws.
He believes they are racist in nature.

"Stand your ground" is a purely defensive mode.
It implies resisting attack.

If it is a racist tactic, it must be directed at a certain race.

We can guess the race Holder is concerned with.

All this implies that the majority of those attacks are being perpetrated by a certain race.

Eric Holder is saying that blacks are the primary assailants in this country.

That's racist.


  1. Well stated Ed. Worth repeating often.

  2. Florida's stand your ground laws were not even used in the Zimmerman defense. It is smoke and mirrors.

    Holder is a piece of crap. Too bad he was not so interested in a color-blind justice and racially motivated civil rights abuses when the Black Panthers were intimidating voters in Philadelphia.

  3. so when were drug addled punks labeled as a race?

  4. And in other news, today George Zimmerman comes out of hiding long enough to help someone out of an overturned, wrecked vehicle in Florida. Wonder if it was a black man he helped? Of course, the media would NEVER let us know such a thing...

  5. Nobody ran in terror from him either, I imagine.

  6. Most Americans will "Stand their Ground" regardless of the State they reside or if there is a law on that States' books. Only liberals believe it is safer to appease than to repel an aggressor.