Sunday, October 20, 2013

An On Air Discussion of Blogging and Facebooking

It's not like I like the sound of my own voice.
There are other people I'd like to sound like more.
But I yam what I yam and that's all that I yam.

This was a discussion Saturday.

It's not too long.


  1. Here you were given the chance to shine. And you were every bit as I expected. The hosts encouraged you and fed you more examples rather than changing subjects or introducing tertiary points.

    Now being the tangential thinker that I am, I've some challenges for you now. Can you write down and expand upon what you said that you think was most important? What did you think of after it was over and wish now you had time to have added? What do you think you could have said better for next time? I ask myself that question all the time, and sometimes I screw it up even more. But that I think, in my experience, is happening less, and need never happen to you. I think you are getting better with each new posting. You should call more obscure stations more. I suspect you will find the reception you get more effective, and therefore more gratifying.