Friday, January 10, 2014

Warm Weather

Long story short.
I came home to hear the water meter spinning.
Scherie said she wasn't running any water.
We have a family room that is a converted one car attached garage.
All our neighbors have done this.
Most, like us, have added another garage.
So I didn't see any water on my way past the washing machine.
I thought the toilet might be stuck in the utility room.
But first I walked into the family room.
I stepped through the door and stepped down in to five inches of freezing water covering the wood floor in there.
Slipped and fell right down.
There was ice floating in there!
While I was changing and drying, my son Caleb stopped by to visit.
He got a garden hose and an extension cord while I got out a pump.
Insurance wil cover all, AAA assured me.
They arranged for a water remediation firm, electronic repair firm and an asset eval team to contact us, which they have.
They are "swamped", because very many people around here are going through this.
A pipe in an outside wall that feeds the hose faucet (spigot) in the front of the house had frozen, burst, and when thawed, leaked into the family room.
Could be worse.


  1. I have several stories I could recall relating to water, all due to extreme weather. I'll spare you.

    However I will share a hard learned lesson from the last of them.

    After the immediate water is remedied, be on the lookout for mold growth in your walls. Maybe just behind some wallpaper. It may be black and detectible, or white and hardly noticeable, but deadly to someone with breathing issues. Start wheezing in a month or so? Look for mold.

    1. Mold remediation team coming in Monday. Thanks!

  2. Ugh! Doesn't sound like any fun at all! Glad it's covered and it always can be worse! I have a half bath that was built off the garage entrance and the pipes to the pedestal sink have frozen. I shut off the supply and am waiting for full thaw. No burst pipes or leaks so far. Love Michigan in January!

  3. That's one of things that disturbs me most about freezing weather. I've witnessed too many events where the best of efforts failed to keep pipes from freezing and the surprise they leave is never good.

    During really cold weather, my sleeping habits become erratic, since I'm up and around turning on faucets, flushing commodes or running washing machines long enough to see there is still water flowing.

    Sorry this happened to you.

  4. Ouch, glad you weren't hurt! And those pipes in the outside walls ARE a big problem, because very few of them are insulated at all...

  5. glad you are ok!..My pipes froze too! have an awesome weekend my friend~!

  6. Thanks all. Looks normal, but monday they start ripping the floor up.
    Angel, any damage?

  7. Your own personal water main break!

    Be careful of mold growth in the flooded area after the weather warms up even more.

  8. Hit publish too soon....

    Mold growth can take more time than we first think -- sometimes years later.

  9. I’m sorry to hear this, Ed. Sounds like you have a handle on it … no fun, though.

  10. Oh, Ed...I'm glad you'[re OK and I'm very glad AAA will $$$!
    I know my family in Munich has gone through frozen pipes; NOT FUN!
    All the best, my friend, to you and Scherie.
    I love your attitude.