Monday, May 26, 2014

Memorial Day

Perhaps today we can focus on a large number of men with guns who died protecting us and our way of life.
Instead of a schmuck with a knife, a car and some guns who was mentally ill.

Is that asking too much?


  1. The killer was more than a schmuck; he was a raving lunatic and operating as such for a long time.

    Meanwhile, our soldiers are still in foreign countries, some will die and another soul will be only a memory on Memorial Day.

  2. Amen, and thank you for remembering. And agreed!

  3. indeed ED! Have a terrific weekend! and
    God bless you my friend:)

  4. so well put. This jerk's family can write a book about the event $$$ .... a soldier's family will only grieve. And we, with them. But we won't know each of their names, will we.
    By the way, VERY interesting way to put the situation with the Marine in MX...yes, if Marines are a threat, OUR gov't's got him right where they want him, don't they.