Monday, June 2, 2014


I was on Bennett this morning about this.
There were some good points brought up, other than mine.

In comments at Geez:
Ed Bonderenka said...
Read this
for an understanding of what his "battle buddies" thought of his situation, and clear indications B gave that he was deserting and that he had a poor grasp of the situation (life).
This is an opportunity for Obama to release terrorists (and empty Gitmo) rather than gaining the release of an American POW.
He could have far better AND EASIER gotten Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi released.
But that doesn't fit his objective of detaining veterans with guns (domestic terrorist).
Berghdahl's parents were on television and his dad's message to him is in Pashtun(!?!?), sporting an Osama beard?
That poor kid, he hardly had a chance with a nut like that for a father.
Always On Watch said...
HERE is something else to consider.
Also see THIS about Bergdahl.

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  1. Def official: Bergdahl not classified as deserter. Scheduled for promotion. Army first needs to hear from him directly what happened.

    — Barbara Starr (@barbarastarrcnn) June 2, 2014

    American patriots getting poked in the eye day after day by the lowest of scum, in a "watcha gonna do about it buster?" way.

    1. Oops, forgot to link the source:

    2. They made him a sergeant, right. While a prisoner.
      What kind of evals do we do where we can't judge work performance?

  2. Once again, I am very happy you took Bill's call. He's getting to be a regular on your show!

  3. Deserter and possibly collaborator... sigh... This whole thing doesn't pass the smell test...

    1. Yeah, but it's hard do discriminate that particular odor among all the others.

  4. Sorta like a trail, this’ll be everywhere I’ve been:

    I guess I’ve been living in a cave; I didn’t know that the Taliban negotiated, or more importantly, that we negotiated with islamic homicidal mohammedian narcissists.

    FIVE Taliban for one soldier that no one even wants anyway — a soldier who allegedly went AWOL (UA in Marine terms) of his own intent while in Afghanistan — a soldier considered by many as a traitor and a deserter — a soldier who caused six other soldiers to lose their lives while trying to save him — a soldier whose father looks like a bad leftover from the hippy days and tweets pro-Taliban* … and this is considered striking a good deal with the Taliban?

    Well, yeah… it’s a great deal when you’re talking about Obamohammad and his rat infested outhouse ‘administration’ and the bought-and-paid-for news media that goes with it.


    1. "and this is considered striking a good deal with the Taliban?"
      this is considered striking a good deal FOR the Taliban.

  5. The brazen bunglers at the WH, ever fearful that their Klutz-in-Chief's stupidity will bring about his collapse, have gone on the offense "we never expected they [the real American heroes] would "Swift-boat" Bergdahl."

    In the KIC's support, on Monday, Hillary stated:

    'We try not to Benghazi any of our soldiers on the field.'

    Okay. Okay. She said "leave" and not "Benghazi." But "at this point in time, what possible difference does it make?"

  6. "Okay. Okay. She said "leave" and not "Benghazi." But "at this point in time, what possible difference does it make?""
    Well said.