Thursday, June 12, 2014

About Major Eric Stahl and Benghazi

Ret'd USAF Major Eric Stahl flew the escapees from Benghazi to Ramstein.
He has a story to tell.

I tell it too.


  1. Yep, that is a good one... Glad it's finally getting out there.

  2. Hi, Joe, from Ypsilanti :-)
    You did a great job on Bill's show telling him about important job.
    I wonder if ANY of the news on TV is covering this story....I saw Brett Baier interview him and was so shocked to think our gov't didn't do ALL THEY COULD to get planes there to intervene! They didn't KNOW how long the attacks would last! They should have tried EVERYTHING.
    Oh, brother.........I'm hoping and praying that the truth comes out more and more about Obama. I guess you've heard about the Lois Lerner thing that was revealed today....I'm blogging it. I could barely believe my ears.

  3. how's that for a teaser, by the way? HA!!

    1. Like I need to be enticed to read your blog? :)