Monday, June 9, 2014

The Manchurian Candidate

Much has been said of Obama being The Manchurian Candidate.
A sleeper agent of the USSR set to destroy America from the White House.
There is a belief that the USSR had planted these during the Cold War.
Besides The Manchurian Candidate, there was a movie with Angelina Jolie, "Salt" that played on this theme.
A Charles Bronson movie, "Telefon" had a similar theme.

It occurred to me this morning, listening to the Bennett show, where the secrecy agreement the platoon mates of Bergdahl were forced to sign was being discussed, that The Manchurian Candidate wasn't so far off.

In the movie, Frank Sinatra has dreams that he can't grasp the significance of,
because he's been brainwashed to believe something he knows is false.
He and his fellow captives of the N Koreans are convinced that Lawrence Harvey is a hero.
This is a result of their brainwashing by their NOKO and Chinese captors.
This is hard for them to reconcile with the fact that Harvey (The Manchurian Candidate) is cold and aloof.
Harvey obviously has his own mental issues, these stemming from the brainwashing his parents put him through.

Let's review:

  • Parents brainwashing child into sympathy with foreign enemies
  • Fellow soldiers being influenced to "endorse" (by silence) a traitor.
  • The results of this charade ending up in the White House (Lawrence Harvey to be president, Bob Bergdahl slapping the back of his new BFF, Barack Hussein Obama).
Let me know in comments if I've missed something, please.


  1. I suppose many can add to that list....but the inferences are clear!
    I thought I was pretty well up on this subject of Bergdahl but I'm curious about the secrecy agreement. Did those on FOX last week sign it? Those 6 who say it WAS Bergdahl's pursuit that lost their friends their lives and took up 60 intensive days of THEIR lives, plus continuing to look while on other duties?
    Do we know what this agreement was? And if it's that 6, are they able not to talk with impunity?


  2. Good analogy, Ed.

    We are living in Orwell's 1984. Just watch the Ministry of Truth in action -- with Obama leading the charge behind the scenes.

  3. So it IS those guys who broke their pledge. Watching them talk, watching that video on your link (thanks for that) almost makes me cry. They are so loyal, they obviously care so much about each other, that Bergdahl's leaving them was felt deeply; and then to put their lives on the line , and to see brothers DIE for this, so clearly hurt them badly. Betrayal is the only way you can describe it.
    I will put money into any collection to help those boys if they're in need of legal help to fight having broken their agreements. Any day. Those kids have my deepest admiration.

    1. For an early emotional account (and the fear of retribution), see this:

      Hey! When are you gonna comment on my previous post????

  4. The film was SATIRE and a response to the idiocy of McCarthy.

    Very well done. Frankenheimer's second best after "The Train".

    1. Duck, This is the first time I have ever heard that movie referred to as satire.
      The whole mother thing always seemed over the top, but satire? You're the film critic.

    2. Exactly, it was completely over the top.

      “It may be the most sophisticated political satire ever made in Hollywood”
      --Pauline Kael

      She was hardly a minority opinion.

    3. How some viewed it and how it was meant may diverge.
      Not sure Frankenheimer meant it as a satire.

    4. I will read it when I get home.

  5. Excellent Analysis Ed. As AOW said, 1984, but for now More like Germany in the 1930's form the propaganda and obama adoration angle. Absolutely.

    1. Yep. I've been seeing Weimar since I read Liberal Fascism.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  6. " Bob Bergdahl slapping the back of his new BFF, Barack Hussein Obama"

    All I saw was a couple of asses.

    Good article, Ed.

  7. Bergdahl aside, your review might equally describe all of the red diaper babies from 1950 forward, and that would of course include Barack Obama, and as it happens, everyone he has ever known (including his wife), everyone on the White House Staff, and half of everyone in the Obama cabinet. My guess is that a true Manchurian candidate would be someone much higher than a PFC—but several “Islamic converts” serving in uniform have fired on their fellow soldiers since 2003. Let’s also not forget Nidal Hasan.

  8. You haven't missed anything Ed! That was a perfect dissertation of a plain fact. Obama is an enemy combatant and so are about 1/3 (30% or so) of the American population. There's no getting around that. I really miss living in America.
    (Popped over from Geeez's blog) :)

    1. Obama is an enemy combatant.
      That's why he wants to close Gitmo so bad!

    2. Ed,
      Obama's version of "reaching out to the Muslim world"?

  9. Good point! Obama doesn't want to GO to Gitmo!!
    He does seem like an enemy combat. EVERY DAY, there's something WORSE!

  10. Nope, on the money as far as I'm concerned...