Wednesday, August 27, 2014

How to Handle a Barbaric Religion/Political Entity

I'm reading Evidence Not Seen: A Woman's Miraculous Faith..., which was recommended to me by Z at Geezblog.

This book is the autobiography of a Christian missionary.
In it she relates about being surrounded by a people that worshipped a false god.
That cruelly executed Christians and westerners by the sword.
That raped, tortured and enslaved westerners.
That took explosive laden vehicles and blew themselves up to destroy westerners.

Sound familiar?

And the thing that stopped these people was the dropping of nuclear weapons on them, including "innocent" civilians.

The shock visited upon these people caused them to totally rethink their position, and today, they are allies of the United States and defenders of democracy in their part of the world.
And they gave up their belief in that false god, the emperor.

Granted, we had to nation build for a while.
But the nation we rebuilt was from scratch, not a patch job.

I once attended a seminar in a plant I worked at, and it was to motivate he union employees to reconsider their attitudes towards the workplace.
A major theme was that change often only comes with great trauma.
Illness, loss of income, loss of a loved one, loss of employment.

I think some of the Arab World deserves a little trauma about now.


  1. Of course they do. But not to change their religion as much as to disappear from earth.

    1. Hopefully "to disappear from earth." the religion, but not genocide the people.

  2. the post below reminds me of the illustration of our George Wahingotn - on his knees-praying w/ his loyal white steed standing beside him--
    The Creator ordered us to "Occupy Til I come" - Lk 19 -Occupy =hold the ground won---
    and to put on the Full Armor of God- Eph 6--
    in other words - we art to fight-
    CIR-someday I'll reveal what the acronym means--

    1. edit time-


      we ARE to fight

      time to get out of the blog world (-:

    2. To typo is human, to edit is divine.

  3. But, we allow them to come here and give them freedom of religion like we expect to practice. However, this nation, definitely not a Christian nation, will not blow anyone up (usually) for trampling on our ideals.

    Eventually, we would have to nuke the whole world because they are everywhere. If we nuked their nations, you had better count on blood being shed here because they would go berserk and blow up anything they could with what they already have here or could make in a short time. Plus, the "peaceful" ones will revert to their own religion or culture if they have to choose.

    I know the Japanese were ruthless, but I think the threat now is worse.

    1. "the threat now is worse." I'm not sure that was the feeling in WWII.
      Except that they might get nukes.
      Please see below.

  4. That's one of the perils of war. After it's over, the vacuum left by the removal of peace and prosperity is filled by those desperate for something more. Humans become animals; ruthless packs that prey on the weak, and only one solution: the complete elimination of those that chose terror instead of tolerance. When they're gone, there's the chance a healthy society will be built from the ruin.

    1. It wouldn't be pretty, would it? A lot of collateral damage.

  5. All: I guess I wasn't clear enough (although I knew what I meant).
    I wasn't advocating nukes (theater or tactical).
    Carpet bombing would be more acceptable to the world, I imagine.

    I was trying to show the juxtaposition between the forces of Japan in WWII and Islamism today, and that a barbarous culture can be eradicated without eradicating the people, themselves.

    Is that Pollyannish?

  6. Ed, I'm so glad you're reading that astonishing book.

    Then ALL OF YOU must read SEEKING ALLAH FINDING JESUS by a Muslim med student at Old Dominion who falls in with a Christian buddy...both BRAINIACS, love to tease each other, have fun...but mostly they ARGUE religion and bring up Scripture in the Bible and the Hadith, etc........
    I'm not ruining the story in telling you the Muslim, whose family is a very good muslim family who loves god, realizes that he'd NEVER BEEN TOLD about the evils found in the Koran. Catholicism used to be like this...where the nuns and clergy instructed but folks weren't encouraged to read the Bible. Muslims are the same; Imams TELL THEM, but they leave out a lot, even the non-jihadis. This is a brilliant book because it informs us all about Islam, the good and the bad, and then we walk with him through his conversion... he now works for Zacharias!

    We need to wake up as a country and realize jihadists are training their children to hate the West as PAs have trained their children to think Jews are pigs.....this is not going away soon. Here's our problem; we won't hit hard because our hearts are big and we hate to do collateral damage; the Islamists THRIVE on collateral damage.
    We really do need to wake up or we're toast.............I hope anybody who disagrees with me gives facts and figures about how we're utterly safe and don't ever have to worry.
    And, please, I am NOT SAYING all muslims want you or me dead...I never have, never will. But, we do need to be smarter.
    maybe when we have a smart president?

  7. These killers will need to be dealt with, including the ones already inside our open borders. The Gates of hades will lose every time.

  8. The long-range cure for Islam is Christianity.

    1. Yes, but first we need to get their attention.

    2. Ed,
      No argument about that from me.