Tuesday, September 2, 2014

What’s the tee time in Estonia?

I mean, Really.

I just read this elsewhere:
Does the presidential limo have an “I’d rather be golfing” bumper sticker?
Because that would be funny.

I got to use the Tee Time line on the radio:
Listen here.

I mean, if you want to.


  1. Right on Ed! "Shock and awe" indeed. Here I am doing periodic blog doodles and you are doing national radio. Bill has learned to be quiet and give you more rope too. I like that! Keep it going "Ed from Ypsilanti".

    "Can I say one more thing?" HAHA!

    1. That pronunciation setup was a gift from God.

  2. Bill considered your tee time comment to be a let down. But the let down is not in the comment, but in his not capitalizing on the connection. He had just agreed with your idea that FOCUS was what was needed, and you followed up with oh, we're screwed... what's the tea time in Estonia anyway? not the perfect segue, but you're not a paid rhetorician either. Had you to do over, here is what you'd do.

    Bill: We can do all sorts of things ONCE THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF MAKES UP HIS MIND.

    Ed: Be fair Bill.... Why just today he firmly decided on the 11 A.M tee time.

    You had initially given him the opportunity to capitalize on the situation, but instead he took it as a punchline. Seems he is expecting you to deliver snappier punchlines. That's unfair, but also an opportunity he's offering you for next time. ;)

    1. Pasc, I could kiss you. No I couldn't.
      But you are spot on.
      Thanks for the analysis.