Sunday, February 22, 2015

Vote for me!

Go here.
Pretty Please.
It will look like this:

Listen (or not) and vote for me. That thumbs up on the far left would be a good choice.
I really would like your opinion, because I think it will be positive :)
This is important to me. The downside is I might become insufferable.
As you know, I listen to, and am on Bill Bennett's Morning in America frequently, and this activity is hosted on there.
It's an ongoing opportunity for normal people (and me) to create an ad that will get play on national outlets (and the NRC has been paying attention).
Some of the ads have already done that. Multistate.
Rachel's in particular.
Or Elbert Guillory's, who I'm sure you are aware of:

I was holding my granddaughter when this ad occurred to me.
I've already gotten positive feedback from the producers.
I had to shorten my original and hurry up what was left to get to 60 seconds.
Recording into my phone.
But if it's chosen, they'll clean it up.

And if you can do an ad, I encourage you to do one.
Next week. :)


  1. REALLY terrific, Ed...very powerful and very touching. Who doesn't want their children or grandchildren to have a great future? I'm so glad you did this.
    I have to admit I found Rachel's very good, too.
    What a grand idea this is!
    I'd never be able to figure it out, but I'd sure like to do one, too!

    1. You come up with the idea, the text. i'll help you.
      I did a notepad text file and read from it with a timer.

  2. Very well done Ed, and speaking truth to power there. You brought it to the right level too, not loud, just calm and reflective.

  3. I hope an athiest's vote counts, because I'm on my way.

    1. no religious tests!
      Have Beau and Joe vote!

  4. Well done dear brother in Christ. I voted and will share with other like minded bloggers. ~:)

  5. Replies
    1. Thanks, Linda.
      Some people think I do too, it seems. :)

  6. God bless you and your granddaughter ED!! awesome ad!

  7. Ed, can you see how many votes you've got, etc? Know where you stand yet?

  8. Ed, can you see how many votes you've got, etc? Know where you stand yet?