Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wow! Just Wow!

Last Sunday, I asked, heck, I begged, for you guys to go to the
Your Voice Your Ad website and vote for my ad #408.

And you did it.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I only heard last weekend that they would like the ad shortened to a minute from 80 seconds, but that they liked it.
You heard the 60 second version.
I have heard nothing back from them and there is no visible vote tabulation, so I had no idea how I was doing.

This morning I called in to the Bennett show about DHS Funding and Judgement at Nuremberg.

I think it's wrong that McConnell caved.
We could have held things up, stopped Obama's overreach and had ample evidence that the four democrats in the Senate who wouldn't vote for it were shutting down DHS.

Now McConnell caved, the House won't back down, so it looks like Republicans are intransigent!

So that's the gist of this segment of the show.
If you are low on time, jump to 3:40.

Later in the show, the Your Voice Your Ad guys were on and this is their segment of the show.
I'd really like you to listen to it.

And after that segment there were a couple of other ads that were good.

Thank you again.


  1. Yeah. . . You're awesome! :)

    <3 C-lin

  2. Now you have to speak well of me, Ed.
    My vote put you over the top.

    1. Many thanks the the estimable Ducky.
      Being a liberal, I'm sure you voted many times. :)

    2. Actually, as these things go I thought your presentation was well restrained and lucid.

    3. As opposed to my normal unrestrained hallucinating.
      But thank you.

    4. Duck,
      You voted for this ad? Well, well, well.

  3. You have a very good speaking voice, are articulate, and say things very important.

    If they're giving out prizes, I think yours should be at least a few hundred thousand dollars.

    1. That happens, I'm coming south, we're going to dinner.

  4. I LOVE that you told everybody to vote for you, and you did it with such aplomb, and Bennett seems like he liked your cheekiness, that I'll bet a LOT do vote for Ed! Good luck!

    I agree about the DHS was OBAMA who wouldn't allow a clean bill, it's HIS FAULT. But, Bennett's right, too; it STILL would have been labeled the fault of the R's. It just isn't ever going to go our way on this stuff. EVER AGAIN.

    1. I liked the ad after mine where it's the young girl complaining about the debt she was saddled with, since it complimented mine.
      I hope it goes our way some day.

  5. Your radio ad sounds like wild-eyed, crazy right wing hate speech. There could be repercussions for this kind of independent thought.

  6. Excellent, Ed.

    Yes, I voted for you.

    1. You voted similar to Ducky?
      The horror! :)