Sunday, July 26, 2015

A Complaint

Why when I oversleep on Saturday morning, but feel like I've made up for a week of lost sleep a little, do I wake up at 4am on Sunday and can't fall back asleep after only 4 hours?

I do not want to hear "There is no rest for the wicked."

Scherie, who just had another surgery this week and is recovering and off her pain meds, is sawing logs .

Maybe I'll get a nap during the sermon. I might sit in the back today. :)


  1. Glad your wife is feeling better.

    Meanwhile, "No rest for the wicked".

    1. Thanks, Duck.
      And I was afraid of that.

  2. Happy to hear Scherie is on the mend. And sleeping looks a lot like praying. Unless you've slipped between the pews and roll into the aisle.

  3. Glad she's doing better, and as we age, sleep becomes a more elusive thing... Once you get out of 'rhythm' it's hard to get back into it. That's one reason I seldom oversleep. It screws me up for the next couple of nights.