Saturday, January 23, 2016

The Difference

I was on Bennett talking with him about this today.
Much has been said about democrats like Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton (links point to articles on the subject) not being able to describe the "Difference Between a Democrat and a Socialist".
And rightly so.
Now it's coming to haunt Hillary as we see the rise and acceptance of a "Democratic Socialist", Bernie Sanders, posed to take her lunch away.
The funny thing is that Bernie is still not a member of the Democratic Party.

 Sanders, Bernard - (I - VT) Class I
332 Dirksen Senate Office Building Washington DC 20510
(202) 224-5141

He only caucuses with the Democrats.

I said all that to say this.
What is the difference between a conservative and a Republican?
And I know the difference. I've heard you all rant on it. And I agree.

What prompts this is the National Review issue attacking Trump.
I am so glad to see this.
And to the critics who say that this is the Establishment attacking Cruz?
Dana Loesch? Tom Sowell? Glenn Beck? Mona Charen? Stephen Hayward? 

So, Bernie is not a Democrat and is a socialist, and is kicking Hillary to the curb. 
Similarly, Trump who was never a Republican til recently and not a conservative is tromping Cruz, et al.
Why is Trump doing so well?
I hear so many say, "I like what Trump says. He's sticking it to the establishment!".
But there is no There, there.
"Oh, he'll pick the brightest minds. It'll be HUGE!".
But what is HIS mind? What will be the mindset of the minds he chooses?

I don't get it.
I've got smart friends here, that seem to support Trump.
What happens after Trump gets elected?
He won't pick Cruz as veep and wouldn't listen to him if he did.
Who will check this narcissist if in power?

I'd like to hear your opinion.


  1. I believe Congress will for the simple fact they don't like him anymore than we do. I cannot see them getting along well enough to cooperate with the blowhard's agenda.

    That said, the question becomes whether or not a stalemate will serve this country or further harm it. I am not hopeful.


    1. Except when we can push back, a holding action is our best bet, Edie.

  2. There is a lot of anger in America today. Much of it is justified, but the anger does not advance our country; it only divides us further and I can’t help but think that the politicians love our disunity. I think this because our disunity advances the goals of politicians. Most of us are smart enough to understand how we feel and why, but none of us is wise enough to understand God’s plan. What is needed is less bickering about which of these candidates has the best plan, and more prayer to ask for God’s blessings. What does He want us to do? Prayer must be the key that unlocks the door.

    1. OK. I'm reminded of the wisdom of Jesus here in two ways.
      1. You urge us to pray.
      2. You ignored the political content of the question (like "give unto Caesar") and went to the root.
      Well done sir.

  3. I agree with Mustang. Anger never really accomplishes anything except to get us all in trouble. I guess our country will remain in trouble, yet again.
    Have a blessed day. BTW, it's snowing in SE Georgia. Not the heavy stuff y'all get up there but it's still white flurries. Pretty cool. ~:)

    1. Anger could even motivate us to pray :)

  4. As I said at my blog, 'Trump shows patriotism...' I keep hearing "He loves this country"...
    The problem is I don't believe he loves it as much as he loves himself...not even close.
    When I think of him dealing with World Leaders and calling them names, calling them "disasters", "won't work the deal I know is the best one"...
    And then I got to thinking how he'll behave when Congress and other nations don't buy everything he's trying to sell. Imagine? Would he step down in petulance?

    I believe this is all part of God's plan and I believe we should all be reading Isaiah long about now!!! :-) And pray HARD.

    1. Exactly. He may think he's patriotic. He may be patriotic.
      But he is not selfless patriotic.
      He is thin skinned and petulant.
      And while a focal point, not a "leader".
      As you, Sparky and Mustang suggest, we must remember to pray.
      But that, and I'm sure you agree but I feel compelled to say it anyway, is no reason not to act and voice our concern.

    2. Ed,
      [Trump] is thin skinned and petulant.

      And so is much of our society. This trend has been on the move since at least the 1980's, when the self-esteem "doctrine" began taking over public education -- and even private education. And the entertainment industry as well.

      Some 30 years later we're seeing the results.

  5. Excellent post Edward. I liked what Trump was saying last fall and I liked how he was not being controlled by the establishment. He was never my first choice, but I could understand where his support was coming from. But not any more. He has shown his true colors and they have not changed. I can't imagine bothering to vote for this strongman in the waiting. You had him pegged from the beginning with the "trains running on time" analogy. Cruz 2016.

    1. Cruz has always been my choice.

      But he won't be the nominee. Just watch.

    2. BTW, from where I'm sitting, Rubio is now the establishment-GOP's choice if Jeb can't get traction.

  6. Ed, all goo d questions, and no good answers here... sigh

  7. "But he is not selfless patriotic."

    Who is? Ted "He's psycho" Cruz, Marco the Dullard, Jebito?
    Certainly not Her Nibs.

    The one who comes closest to that quality is probably Bernie but a group that considers Obama (an Eisenhower Republican) a communist isn't going to be able to get past the socialist label.
    He really isn't. Just a strong believer in the social welfare state.

    Who are these great minds that Trump will nominate?
    Who is stumping for him beside Moose Girl? Before you assume that this blow hole will nominate competence, figure out who he hangs with.

    He's moving up in Iowa and has solid leads in N.H, South Carolina and Nevada as well as Florida. This guy could run the table.

    You ain't seen bad yet but it's coming.

  8. I don't often find myself agreeing with E.J. Dionne, Jr., but this time he hit the mark more often than he missed it.


    ...They promised radical reductions in the size of government, knowing no Republican president, including Ronald Reagan, could pull this off. They pledged to “take the country back,” leaving vague the identity of the people (other than Obama) from whom it was to be reclaimed. Their audiences filled in the blank. They denounced Obamacare as socialist, something, as Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) is pointing out, it decidedly is not. Indeed, it’s rooted in proposals Republicans once made themselves.

    Politicians whose rhetoric brought the right’s loyalists to a boiling point now complain that they don’t much like the result. But it’s a little late for that. Why shouldn’t the party’s ultra-conservatives and its economically distressed working-class supporters feel betrayed? At least with Trump, Cruz and Palin, they have reason to think they know what they’re getting....

    Much more at the link and worth reading.

    I do agree with Mr. Dionne that the GOP has brought this mess down onto the Party's head.

    1. All true, but Trump then is a knee jerk reaction. And, I believe, a false promise.
      And to accomplish the goals he proclaims despite a recalcitrant congress, he will have to be a dictator.
      The Easy Fix.

  9. I'm always a bit sceptical when liberal pundits warn the GOP not to fall prey to the hard right if they want to win. There is never such admonition to the increasingly leftist democrat party. Perhaps there is a bit of "Brer Rabbit" psychology going on.

    I do know putting up a moderate or what I call a Democrat-light candidate has been a losing policy for 16 of the past 24 years.

  10. I am utterly confused about the whole lot of them! Trump appeals to our fears and what if he actually does the secure the border/ would that not be awesome!

    1. It would, but why does HE have to do it?
      Are we saying we want a dictator to do what we can't get a congress to do?

  11. Degan McDowell on Fox Business Network had a great analogy: Donald Trump is just like Buford Pusser in "Walking Tall," a tough guy with a great big stick. America needs a guy like that in the White House.

    1. What happens when he points the stick at you?
      I don't believe this "strongman" would be constrained by the Constitution.
      I am not assured.

    2. That's true enough, if you get on the wrong side of his stick. ALL of us conservatives and taxpayers are on the wrong side of Barry's stick, though. It seems to me The Donald's heart is in the right place, as he refuses to apologize for acting like a slob.

  12. I'm with you Ed, will Trump be another narcissist power grabber like we have now, albeit sorta on our side?

    The problem is that many of us are angered that the GOP has let us down repeatedly. Just like your Congressman below. I get what he is saying, a bad deal is better than no deal. I say let Harry Reid shut it down.

    Trump has traction because he does not seem terrified by Obama or the mudia. He is not worried about being politacally correct. A lot of people are fed up with go along to get along Boehner and McConnel types. Trump is an outsider. Unlike every member of the GOP he has not let down the voters.


  13. I highly advocate you hear this on Trump, from Steven Crowder's Friday morning show:
    and that was after his take on Palin:

  14. Trump could re-ignite America, or Trump could run Indy and guarantee a democrat win. I wouldn't bet 50 cents either way,

    1. Third party is the only way the dems win.
      They are so vulnerable this election.
      But Trump must be thoroughly discredited so that third party is no choice.

  15. Ed,

    You nailed it with this:

    I've had a theory that we view candidates as our "avatars" or "emojicons" who represent how we feel.

    And that's the bottom line in America. Since memory has been devalued and history gone, how easy it is for demagogues to manipulate the masses through inanities. They don't even have to pretend to believe the things they say. People like Trump because he delivers like the reality show huckster he is. And we love our reality TV.

    Mustang has it right. Those of us who can still think a little should pray to be closer to Him. Perhaps He will have mercy on our country. It's a sure thing none of these politicians named in your post show any promise of humbling themselves before the Almighty.

    1. No Alec, it isn't so easy to manipulate the masses.

      First the right tried to set the political agenda by creating the so called "culture war".
      You had your head handed to you. You've lost badly.

      Now the right is trying to double down on "supply side" economics and slam a plank up the middle class's arse once again. Please listen to Sanders as he explains the way out.
      May take a little time but it will happen.

      Just how long it will take to cure us of our military adventurism is hard to say but even right wingers are getting wise to the stupidity of our shenanigans since the 80's.

      This is how we are going to right ourselves and it is quite achievable.

    2. As usual Ducky you forego the actual details of what is being said for the pleasure of attacking. Whoever you think your adversary is, it's not me.

    3. Sanders. Explain the way out.

      He's way out all right. In left field.
      "Let's give everyone everything. For free."
      "Money for nothing...."

  16. I have hopes for Cruz and Rubio's relationship with Christ.

    1. If Cruz has faith (I believe he has none) anything like his father's then you should be terrified.

      Rubio is a cheap mediocrity and not very bright. Why you would want to foist him on us is curious.

    2. Why is it that those on the left try to portray anyone who disagrees with them as "not very bright"? Have you looked a the math behind Sander's plan. And you call Rubio less than bright?

  17. I'm a little late to reading, but thought I should comment.

    I've spent my life dealing with the idiosyncrasies of those successful in business. While their politics may vary, the freedom to do business, challenge of competition, and a drive to succeed leads to a person that can be unpredictable, but unwilling to allow the pettiness of politics to destroy; and if they have any morals, they can do more good than bad.

    Trump is successful, has a brand to perpetuate, and is far from stupid. He will choose those that are competent to be in his cabinet, and the Democratic minions now available will be way on the bottom of his list. I doubt he likes bureaucrats, and I doubt he'll accept anything but excellence for those he appoints.

    Time will tell how this all turns out, but the Democrats are losing support to a man that had a successful television show. While it may seem trivial to many, the unwashed masses will recognize his name, vote by name recognition only, and our future may be a roller coaster ride.


    1. That's a thoughtful analysis, Jess.
      I am not ambivalent about Trump, I don't like him, but if he gets the nod, I will support him over the Dem.

  18. Why is Trump doing so well?

    1. He's gotten more publicity ("good or bad, it's all to benefit in a name recognition world") than all other candidates combined.
    2. The Establishment knows how desperate is the grass-roots after the TEA Party movement became a vehicle for a host of new "more of the same" Congress-critters. What part of psy-ops is hard to understand when an allegedly representative government has a Soviet-Style Media to hide its shortcomings and pillory its critics?

    3. Q: At what point does the anti-establishment become part of the Establishment?
    A: When it employs the same tactics and is dishonest and nasty to those it claims to be protecting.

    Here's a response I sent to Heritage Foundation email that could be sent to Trump and a horde of others. It provides a fine example of cynicism now widespread that feeds skeptics. Once you believe there is nothing but divine intervention that can save us, you could find yourself on the road to damnation because you lost faith that Heaven is ultimately on your side.