Sunday, January 10, 2016

The Omnibus Explained

A couple weeks ago, the Omnibus was passed by congress for which (new to the position) Speaker Paul Ryan has received a ton of grief.
Many are calling for him being challenged in the next election by a more conservative candidate.
The fury of resentment at the passage of this bill has been directed at him and others.
We sent a Republican Congress to stop this stuff.
We ousted Boehner to stop this stuff.

A friend of mine hosts a radio show (The Drift) on our local conservative station WAAM.
They have an online presence and I highly recommend you check them out.
I co-hosted a show with him last summer in which I helped interview Congressman Tim Walberg (MI-07) concerning the TPP, something brought to my attention by "Ducky's Here".

So when Gary Wellings (my friend) went on a rant to fire all the Republicans who voted for the Omnibus, I called in and asked him to hold off until he heard from Walberg, etc.

This is that section of his broadcast where he responds to my request by cutting me off the air.
I was rather upset at the time by how he responded.

The next Monday morning, Bill Bennett commented on Paul Ryan and said that he would have him on to explain what happened. Ryan's explanation did not satisfy a lot of people.

So yesterday, I was listening to The Drift, because, as I wrote on Facebook:
"Sometimes, someone will cut you off in a conversation and not let you finish your point.
You have a choice.
Write them off, or remember that you are friends.
I suggest the latter. It can be very rewarding.
And you've kept a friend."

As I was saying, I was listening to The Drift and this is what I heard.
Tim Walberg gives a very clear (much more than Ryan did) explanation of his vote for the Omnibus.
The 22 minute mark was very gratifying to me.
After that point Walberg went on to explain a lot more about what is going on in Congress with current issues.

I hope this helped you understand the position of the many ethical Republican congresscritters (that seemed to cave) the way it helped me.


  1. I figured that there was a good explanation for what happened. I just pray that these Repub's truly do want our country to be great again. Thanks Ed. ~:)

  2. Ed, we're friends, right? I admit I can't stand this political double speak from Republicans who are not conservatives, or if they are, are not willing to fight for what they say they stand for. Ryan needs to be primaried and removed, and all fake conservatives and establishment republicans should get no quarter from us. All we ever hear from these clowns is, "just wait until next time..." No more waiting. Harry Reid is scum of the earth, but at least he fought for his twisted beliefs. Is it too much to ask that we expect the same from our side? Harry never let senate rules stop him. they made them up or ignored them as needed. Here we are with republicans controlling both houses due to promises they made to us, and they do this? I'm out. Thanks for letting me rant.

    1. Two thumbs up. Sounds rational to me, where's the rant?

  3. Can u tell they make me angry? I'm feeling much better now :)

    1. Sorry for the late response.
      Did you listen to Walberg?
      Did you listen to Gary apologize to me?
      Gary was irate, yet Walberg's explanation placated him.
      My point was that if Gary wanted to fire Ryan, he has to fire every rep we considered a good guy (Walberg, Benashack, etc.) who voted with him.
      Not a good move.

  4. Congress has such a history of caving that I doubt that many angry Americans are so fed up.

  5. thanks ED for exposing the clowns! what a mess we are in..PRAY! Have a beautiful Monday my friend! xoxox

  6. Very informative, Ed. Did I understand the congressman to say that Planned Parenthood will be barred from receiving Title 10 funding for abortions?

    1. Yes, per the Hyde Ammendment.
      They still get money and it is fungible.

    2. Maybe we should do away with HHS, then. Plus, this is a state issue, not one for the federal government. My opinion, anyway.

    3. I agree. HHS, Dept of Education, etc.
      Funny, speaking of states rights, a local conservative firebrand host is calling for federal gun laws ensuring castle doctrine, CCW, reciprocity, etc., and as appealing as that is to me, and as basic as protecting our rights is, is that something we want the feds involved in?

  7. I understand the bill included funds to import 200,00 moslem vermin terrorists (Well the FBI openly states they could tell you one way or the other if one of these people are IS or not.) And not an ounce of push back from Ryan? He's worse than boehner. Much worse. Plus when he was visible a year or two back talking about he budget, his big problem was social security. Really? With all the free stuff being pumped out, he wants to focus on people like me who have been paying into SS since I'm 15? he's worse than the democrats.


    1. My impression was that Ryan was trying to protect current SS by changing rules concerning younger contributors who had time to plan accordingly.
      But yes, the omnibus has support for Syrian refugees, and a lot of other crap.
      As Tim Walberg says, there's stuff we wanted we weren't going to get otherwise, also.
      I want to see if we do the "regular order" thing which we haven't done for 7 years.
      No more CRs, but real budgets with real appropriation bills. I guess I'm optimistic (or Pollyannish) that way.