Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Root of Support for Trump

I find so many people, particularly in "conservative" media who say they are primarily for Cruz,
but then go on to say they support Trump.
" Don't bad mouth Trump."
Well how does that support Cruz, who is the antithesis of Trump?
Trump is a loud, obnoxious foul mouthed blowhard.
Cruz is a thoughtful, reasoned, scholarly voice of conservatism.
Perhaps too scholarly.

I was on a black conservative radio show about this.
This show is The Abolitionist Round Table.
There was a discussion of the Trump "locker room" vocabulary and how it resonates with people.
The woman speaking referred to Trump's Christianity. I asked for the fruit (the evidence of his Christian walk). She replied with his business success.

People are willing to ignore everything, all the low life behavior of Trump as they believe he is their political savior and that Cruz is un-electable.
These people forget the e-mail scandal hanging over Hillary.
Bernie may be willing to excuse the e-mails (or the Clinton Foundation, the suppression of "bimbos", and a myriad of bad behaviors be her)

I later called my friend Gary on his show about this.
My call followed a guy named Bob, whose brief conversation I left in to accentuate my point.
In the call I reference an American Thinker article that I emailed to the co-host Brandon, who is starting to have his doubts about Trump's character.
This article is the condensation of every valid criticism of Trump and saved me writing it.

What Brandon says at the 6 minute mark sums it up.
The number of people in this country willing to ignore the criminality of Clinton and the immorality (and low level of discourse) of Trump is depressing.
Here is the conversation.

I hesitated to post this as it looks like I'm in love with my voice on the radio.
Think of it as audio blogging.


  1. Your point is pertinent and timely. I'm thinking it's more the first movement of the pendulum in the opposite direction, and the NEXT President will be a more Godly man. That doesn't rule out the possibility of a road-to-Damascus conversion on Trump's part, though.

    1. I pray God will surprise us with a Cruz nomination and a Hillary meltdown.

  2. Ed, Hmm, let me just say.... If you look at what gets today's sports fans or popular culture juices flowing, then it surely isn't class, scholarly, or common sensical.
    We need 8 grand slams my friend. We need a perfect score of 300. We need 18 holes in one. Something kim jong il couldn't even accomplish. he only got 11.

    1. Character matters.
      Not being a character :)

  3. Lots of bad behavior from past presidents who did good things (mostly): JFK was considered a successful president, he was a miscreant. LBJ, ditto. Clinton, ditto. Nixon, ditto.

    Trump's a slob, but he will be fine. You'll see, Ed. Don't get me wrong, I'm hoping Cruz pulls this out, but it doesn't look good right now.

    1. What?
      Kennedy bollocksed Bay of Pigs.
      LBJ and Vietnam (and the "War on Poverty", etc)
      Nixon (price controls, Watergate)?
      What good things?
      If Trump get it, I pray I'm wrong.

    2. What good things, Ed?
      JFK: lowered taxes, initiated the moon shot.
      LBJ: civil rights legislation
      Clinton: welfare to work, booming economy on his watch
      Nixon: ping pong diplomacy with China, opened trade doors

      Those are all good things, Ed. Not even arguable, so don't try. Yes, these bad behavior POTUSs did lots of bad things, too. All presidents slip up. Exept Trump, he won't slip up. Well, he might....

    3. I'll give you JFK.
      LBJ screwed us horribly. Frankly, while I support "civil rights", alot of the legislation affecting private business should be found unconstitutional and has given us many of the problems we have today with florists and cake-bakers.
      Clinton was forced into welfare to work by Gingrich, et al, and the economy was a fruit of Reaganomics and the internet boom.
      Nixon did so much damage to the country's morale, and trade with China? I'm not sold that it's a good thing.

      Why do you have this religious faith in Trump not slipping up, or downright failing? What track record of governance does he have?

  4. Related information...

    From this essay by Helen Delich Bentley (Helen Delich Bentley, a Republican from Maryland, was a member of the House of Representatives from 1985 to 1995 ):

    ...Trump is inspiring tens of millions of Americans of all ages, races, religions and ideologies. He is inspiring them with novel ideas such as requiring that immigrants and visitors come into this country legally with proper documentation and making sure that we can properly vet everyone who wants to come to this country. He is inspiring them with novel ideas such as not rewarding corporations for taking jobs out of the country to parts of the world that have no minimum wage, environmental or child labor laws so that they can turn around and sell cheap goods to the Americans whose jobs they exported. He is inspiring them with novel ideas such as not expanding benefits to illegal immigrants while veterans — American heroes — are dying because we cannot treat them quickly enough.

    If the Republican establishment does not like Trump’s ideas, it should try to beat him fair and square, by capturing the hearts and imaginations of the voters, as Trump has done over the past six months. If it can beat him fair and square, with a majority of votes and a majority of delegates, then the party — including those of us who support Trump — will come together behind the eventual nominee. But if the nomination is stolen from Trump through shadowy billionaire super-PAC money and “brokered convention” chicanery, I sadly predict that the party that I love and have helped to build for more than half a century will suffer a massive schism that may send it the way of the Whigs....

  5. Trump himself is a distasteful person. No doubt about it.

    But some of the policies he has proposed? Are they unreasonable?

    Now, about Ted Cruz. I staunchly supported him -- until he and/or his campaign managers did slimy things. More than once, too. I'm sure that I need not enumerate.

    1. A couple "slimy" campaign tricks.
      Every despicable thing Trump has said and done (shall I list?).
      Compare and contrast.

    2. Ed,
      The problem for me, Ed, is the contrast between Cruz's profession of Christianity and those campaign tricks.

      Had he fired the campaign manager -- or whoever -- after the Iowa slimy trick -- I'd be singing a different tune.

      Trump says ugly things. No doubt about that. But has he undermined the primary process in the way that Cruz's campaign team has?

      And another problem....The lack of disclosure of funds or investment on the part of Cruz.

      Frankly, I'm disgusted by this entire cycle.

    3. Those 'campaign tricks' were just a mountain of media manufactured nothing there. So silly in contrast to Trump's record on this campaign trail. When someone says they can't vote for Cruz because of some re-tweet by his campaign manager from a cnn source, or his evil mailer... C'mon. admit that's just silly. When someone goes there, I just wish they would admit to having a bias against Christians.

    4. DaBlade,
      I certainly do not have a bias against Christians.

      And I never said that I can't vote for Cruz.

    5. I neglected to support AOW's profession of Christianity, DaBlade.
      I apologize.

  6. It's weak soup, but I agree with Rev Paul-
    Our next president DOES NOT HATE the U.S., and therefore will be an improvement over the last seven years.
    Still, the inexorable slide toward Marxism/Socialism/Communism will continue unless we unite behind one of 'em.
    I'm praying for enlightenment.

  7. Anyone in Michigan who's considering a vote for Kasich ought to reconsider after this:

    After what the Schwarzenkenedy did to California while masquerading as a Republican and then letting the press blame the GOP for his actions, hopefully no Republican voter considers his endorsement as anything but a kiss of death.

    1. I actually had a couple Kasich volunteers come to the door yesterday! Never heard from anyone else.
      Why throw a vote away on Kasich, though?

  8. Distasteful though he may be, he IS turning out voters. He's telling them the truth about DC and the permanent pols that reside there. The pols DON'T want an outsider to upset their gravy train...

    1. As Brandon said in the audio above, what does that say about the electorate that such a despicable character is so appealing to so many.
      Mussolini was also.
      Bragged about his women and the size of his hands also.

  9. It's difficult to ascertain what motives Trump supports, beyond pure emotional reaction....when the sum of interviewed supporters is encapsulated as "he tells it like it is"...without even a seeming understanding of what it is. Trumps blatant disdain for the Constitution renders him unfit for national office.....but apparently that doesn't matter to a wide segment of the GOP.

    1. CI,
      Neocons (now called "modern conservatives") trashed the Constitution in certain ways, too. Trump supporters seem to be anti-neocon. They may now know why, just a gut thing.

      I wonder...Have we had a non-globalist as President since January 20, 1989? By an non-globalist, I mean one who puts America's interests first.

    2. I'm not sold that Trump will put America's interests first.
      He has demonstrated a lifetime of putting his own interests first. Eminent domain, for one. His childish attitude cries self-interest.

    3. Ed,
      I understand.

      Will the others put America's interests first?

      It seems to me that the primaries may be showing that voters want America's interests first.

    4. Just like so many are willing to trust Trump above Hillary, I am willing to Trust Cruz above Trump.
      The primaries are demonstrating America's anger.
      I see it in FB comments and hear it on the radio.
      It's "Network" all over. "I'm mad as hell...."

  10. Mussolini can get the crossover vote. its about electability for me. Sure, he's a ego-maniacal despot. But I think he will aim his hate at the same people I hate. And he can get rid of my racoons, or something. I'm sorry. I meant to say Trump.

  11. Replies
    1. Excellent article. Articulates it well.
      "Trump is not about Trump; Trump is a vessel for economic and social angst. By attacking “political correctness,” Trump’s campaign is a safe harbor for traditional societal views on marriage, family, religion and work – whether he lives up to those ideals or not. The backlash against “being more like Europe” is manifest in Trump and his messaging. “Make America Great Again” might as well say, “Stop being like Europe.” Trump is against open borders. He is against gun control. He is for religious freedom. He is against the threat from radical jihadists that Europe has handled all too delicately, and to its detriment. "

      While these are all things I aspire to, I can not get behind Trump to implement them.
      In fact, I feel it's just another con
      And the author may just be someone else reading in to Trump their own desires. "Not be like Europe". I don't know Trump feels that way.

  12. there is no respect or decency even among the candidates..NOT a role model among them my friend! xoxoxo

  13. Cruz is the top candidate for Conservatives, but this I must tell you :-) - every time the libtards beat on trump, the more I'm encouraged to vote for him.

    1. Then I ask you to consider that they know your reaction and are counting on it.

      Never forget that the only thing you know for sure about hucksters is that they know how to draw the suckers.

    2. Kid,
      Ted Cruz said that Trump bears some responsibility for what happened in Chicago last night, when a riot broke out and forced Trump to cancel the rally.

      I am disappointed in Ted Cruz on so many levels!

    3. I agree with Cruz.
      Trump on at least three occasions encouraged or excused violence by his supporters, even offering legal help, while out of the other side of his mouth disdaining the violence.
      Sure, the protests were a Soros op, but the locale chosen for the rally?
      Like holding a Klan rally in the projects.

    4. Trump is being Machiavellian here, egging on responses, looking for results.

    5. IMO, we need to be very careful defining what is inflammatory. Why? Because it will be turned on us.

      By us, I mean conservatives, Chrstians, and anyone else who says anything contrary to the narrative. A lot of people believe that Cruz is a person who spouts hate speech.

      Thus is yet another basis for my being disappointing in Cruz.

      I know you don't agree with me. Fine. But I do have the Constitutional right to my beliefs.

    6. Please pardon typos. Using my iPad and in a rush. Students just arrived.

    7. "I know you don't agree with me. Fine. But I do have the Constitutional right to my beliefs."
      Is that directed at me?
      You not only have the right to your beliefs, but to vocalize them also.
      I have nothing but respect for you, no matter how wrong you are :)
      I can't imagine accusing Cruz a hate speech, particularly in light of Trump's inarticulate accusations of people being mean to him, or nasty, or pedophiles.

    8. Ed,
      Certainly not directed at you!

      I'm worried about the slippery slope and unintended consequences.

      I don't view Cruz as one who spouts hate. But many do!

  14. I received an email from an ardent Trump supporter who, apparently, suddenly asked this question

    "Actually, in retrospect, what were the Trump people thinking trying to hold a rally in Chicago, of all places.
    Chicago, one of the most Democratic and corrupt of cities which boasts the likes of Obama himself, and the
    mayor Rahm Emanuel?"

    I hesitate to provide him with the partial explanation I gave kid. I'm praying he arrives at that conclusion that on his own.

    1. And I didn't say I would vote for Trump. Only that I'm tempted just to get that stick in the eye of "them". Yes, the world runs on emotion not thought. I'm voting for Cruz in the primary. I'm voting against whoever the dem is.