Sunday, March 13, 2016

Trump the Machiavellian

UPDATE: Sunny gets it!

I had hoped not to blog Trump today, or soon.
Maybe post some cat videos to score some hits.

As you know there was a cancelled Trump rally in Chicago at the University of Illinois Campus.
Great venue choice. What could go wrong? Oh, it did?

I thought I woke up yesterday morning and posted a pithy comment at AOWs that developed into a line of reasoning that culminated in a conversation on the radio.
Well at least I know the radio thing happened, even if I can't find the comment.

On the radio, I proposed that Trump may have orchestrated the MoveOn attack by choosing that venue, and then abandoned it to garner support.

This is an email I received from the Trump campaign.

You know. The self-funded campaign.
Aside from the poor grammar, notice the exaggeration to drive fund-raising.

I have seen and heard comments from people who have said that due to the "threat" to Trump, he must be rallied around, and they will now support him instead of Cruz.
Kool-aid comes in all flavors.

After I am done speaking in the radio link above, I left the audio comments of another caller that are interesting, even though he halfway disagrees with me. But his point is that MoveOn is actively generating support for Trump so that Hillary will have a weak opponent in the general (a fact many Trump supporters refuse to acknowledge).

I believe (and there is evidence) the dems are doing everything they can to get Trump the nomination. Crossing over in primaries, generating sympathy for him with their protests. They want to face Trump.
Dems have said it.

I also find it interesting that at the Saturday rally, where Trump is allegedly threatened by a Thomas Dimassimo, who was detained by Secret Service, Trump declares that he could have handled the guy himself. "I was ready for him..." Really? Did you know he did not have a gun, Donald?
That virile braggadocio is highly reminiscent of Mussolini, and I'm finding that many people are beginning to make the Mussolini connection (you heard it here first, folks).

As you'll see at that link, Trump professed that Dimassimo was ISIS related and a doctored video was produced (now removed) to back that claim.

People accuse Cruz of Machiavellian dirty tricks?

On another note, I wrote this in a message to a friend on FB:

There's two schools of Trump opposition. The "Never-Trump" group (ala Jonah Goldberg and many) which I can understand, 
the "Wait til that decision has to be made" group, of which I am one.
Ken from Livonia could not vote for Romney. I opposed that on air frequently.. I just want to give NO support to Trump, because he is in opposition to Cruz, the guy I want. Saying right now that I will hold my nose and vote for Trump gives an encouragement to Trump supporters. That they can depend on us. If they feel they can count on support later out of necessity, then they will proceed. If they believe they cannot count on it now, perhaps they will support the conservative choice, Cruz. But don't attack your fellow conservatives. Reason with them. The Alinsky name calling by Trump is one of the largest turn-offs. ... We are not enemies. We disagree. We don't have to be disagreeable.

I only mention that message to convey how I feel about supporting Trump now.
He does not need us conservatives to "defend" him now in the event he's the candidate later.
To my Trump supporter friends:
He may be what you want him to be, after all, and I may have to gamble later that he is, should he get the nomination.
But he is a salesman, long time. and I don't buy it. If I have to later, I will.

To those who say, "Trump or Cruz, I support either one", that's like rooting for both opposing teams in a playoff game. You look silly. Trump and Cruz are in opposition to each other, and rightly so.

Any thoughts?


  1. My husband and I are Cruz supporters. As far as Trump, it appears he will get the nomination. I've never liked Donald Trump politically or even on a personal level. Forbes magazine did a very revealing expose' on him recently. That said, unfortunately, we just can not allow the Hildabeast to be President. All we can do is pray that we'll all vote wisely.
    Have a blessed day Ed. ~:)

  2. Well, my thoughts are that I have control over every little if anything and I'm not voting for the beast directly, or indirectly. I wish we had better candidates. I guess that's my real thought.

  3. I had an old coworker friend of mine i havent seen in quite a while send me an instant message asking me of i had changed parties recently. He said that all i post anymore is anti republican. The truth is the republican party left me. Im still a Christian conservative. Its Cruz or stay home for threat just truth.

    1. The republican party outed themselves as enemies to America after the 2012 elections that gave them the majority. Simple math.

  4. I know a guy on the radio who just said he was upset about the No Trump/No Way crowd. that they have to vote against Hillary.
    A little bit later he complains about a brokered convention, saying that if they brought out someone else other than Trump (should he have had the lead, but not the majority) he would not vote Republican.
    I guess you CAN have it both ways.

  5. Maybe I got carried away in the post and brought up too many issues.

    Does it seem like Trump is profiting from the protests?
    Was he counting on it?

    Are Dems purposefully inflating his numbers with crossovers?

    Can you simultaneously support Trump and Cruz since they oppose each other?

    1. Interesting questions.

      -Actually, I Can support Cruz and Trump at the same time and also simultaneously.

      =Trump IS profiting from the protests.

      -Dems are always misdirecting. Its all they have.

  6. I don't know that I would assign a Machiavellian explanation to the things Trump does. That would assume the guy is smarter than he is. But he is certainly outstanding at deflecting negativity back at its source.

    Much like judo and kung fu masters: use the force of your opponents blows to your advantage.

    Ed, nobody likes Trump's blowhard ways. Not even Trumpists. But nobody likes the establishment GOP ways, either. Gotta pick your poison.

    1. I agree with every word you wrote, Fredd.
      Except the "blowhard" point, maybe.
      I think some Trumpists find that appealing.

    2. Yeah, on second thought, Ed, you got me there. The Donald excels at many things, and blowharding is one of them. And many recognize his excellence in the art of blowharding, and appreciate it.

  7. As the most divisive GOP candidate I have seen in my lifetime, and one who is inflicting irreparable damage to the GOP brand.....the left absolutely wants Trump to be the party's nominee; and frankly, why wouldn't they?

    For all of her many faults, I don't see Trump beating Clinton in the general. The GOP already requires Independent and Libertarian support to win against a larger Democrat base, and while Trump will likely get some Democrat union support....I don't see him even getting all of the usual GOP voters to pull the lever for him. In an age where politics is already crass theater, Trump represents straight to DVD B movies.

    1. Plan 9 from Planet Trump.
      I referenced in the audio a guy I know, Dennis Moore of the Willow Run Tea Party Caucus.
      Dennis knows people who are former Dems who have attended seminars demonstrating how to throw a primary to the weakest candidate.
      But I still don't think it'll be Hillary as the Dem contender. Not from jail....

  8. Ed,
    We are not enemies. We disagree.
    We don't have to be disagreeable.

    That's the right attitude.

    Unfortunately, the pro-Trump and anti-Trump factions are warring.

    Friendships broken.

    And I was dismayed by comments to Dr. Carson's Facebook page after his endorsement of Trump. Some of those comments were made by Christians whom I personally know!

    Obama's divisiveness has done great damage to our republic. Disagreeing patriots are now enemies!

    It's no wonder that my stress-related colitis remains in a constant state of flare up.

  9. Oops. Forgot to check the notification box.

    1. "the notification box". Huh. I didn't realize it was there.
      Man! What dirt does Trump have on Carson?

      The friend on FB I wrote that message to had posted a video of Cruz's dad preaching, hands being laid on Cruz, etc., and implied that it made Cruz look like a weak candidate.
      He owns a local AM station that I call in to and has his own show on it. In the comments to his post he was lambasted by many Christians upon which he began to attack the practice of Pentecostalism as insane cultism.
      That did not go well for him in comments.
      I cut some of the message, pertaining to that, out of my post here. That's why I advised him to back off on the insults.

  10. Is this the same guy who endorsed Trump? Well Michelle Malkin did a fine job of lambasting Drudge for his one-sided portrayal of the hands on video of Cruz while he ignored the one of the same for Trummp. Here's that link and let me know how it turns out.

  11. @Ed - The Alinsky name calling by Trump is one of the largest turn-offs.
    Kudos for realizing that right wing rabies media have mastered Alinsky's rules more completely than #OWS ever did.

    1. You're damning me with praise :)

    2. Oh by the way, I think it's a stretch to think Trump planned the Chicago confrontation but he certainly knows how to work it to his advantage.

      More like serendipity that he managed to commandeer the news just before Tuesday's vote.

    3. Probably. You mean "commandeer" as in "milk"?

  12. I'm still doing research... Too many 'coincidences' are occurring for even somebody like Trump to orchestrate...

  13. Honestly we need to be having the conversations that trump was courageous enough to start..don't throw tomatoes at HAPPY ST PATTYS DAY my friend! xoxoxox

    1. No tomatoes! Happy St. Patrick's to you also, Angel!

  14. PS..we are all on the same side and must unite ED..the horror we have lived through since 9/11 is surreal..Keep the faith my's to good days to come for all of us! xxooo

  15. Imagine the coverage were these protesters conservatives breaking up or even prohibiting Hillary or Bernie to speak? man

  16. Imagine the coverage were these protesters conservatives breaking up or even prohibiting Hillary or Bernie to speak? man