Thursday, May 12, 2016

You will be Assimilated.

I was on a local radio station with it's owner yesterday.
It's not long.
I'd like your opinion.
I don't want you to listen to me.
Listen to him.
Thayrone X's On the Edge Radio Show excerpt.

He messaged me on FB today.
Let me sum it up:
Everyone should back Trump.
Trump doesn't need to reach out to recalcitrant republican voters.
They should just swallow it and support him.
Trump doesn't need them.
They're going to be to blame for Hillary winning (not Trumps negatives).

I was going to write this and then saw a comment at Kid's from Adrienne.

My reply to her :
It doesn't tick me off that anyone is on the Trump train.
I'm tired of being derided for not.
It's like Invasion of the Body Snatchers or the Borg.
"Why should I vote Trump?" "Because Hillary."
"But what's a good reason?" "Because Hillary."
"But Trumps sounds like a democrat." "Because Hillary."

"I have reservations about Trump." "You're an idiot and a traitor!"

No matter what concern you may have up to and including:
"He'll be a dictator and overthrow the Constitution." "Because Hillary."

There may be worse things than Hillary.
There may not be.
But some people are so brain-locked you can't talk to them, or more accurately, they can't talk to you.


  1. I can't listen to the show at work....but as popular as Trump allegedly is, I actually don't know any ardent Trump supporters....but I do know many who see Trump as a better choice simply because....Hillary. That's pretty much it....Hillary. They're seemingly not happy about the only choice for GOP nominee....but because of the 'R', they'll merely vote against the 'D'.

    I still find it odd that a voter bloc admittedly disaffected by the GOP proffering candidates who are not terribly Conservative....would rally behind a candidate who is not at all Conservative. It smacks of placing partisan gamesmanship [my team v. the other team] over deeply rooted principles and values....if they existed in these voters in the first place.

    And when Trump loses, they'll blame anyone and everyone else, rather than their candidate.

  2. I was going to type what Constitutional Insurgent just said "word for word", but was too slow on the enter key. As for the link, I can't seem to get this to play (probably just me). As for my vote, it is not longer available. I have successfully seceded from this party, from this culture, and from this government in mind and spirit, if not body.

  3. Ed, before this interview, I had the distinct feeling you weren't going to vote because you don't admire Trump....

    I think we don't know a LOT of what's going on behind the scenes and we look like hamsters on a wheel , going 'round and 'round, without knowing the inner goings least for now.

    Don't underestimate Paul Ryan's conservativism; I won't.

    1. I think that if we just throw in behind Trump this early we lose control over him.
      We need to negotiate like Ryan is.
      That also brings some unity.
      You can boss or you can lead.
      I'm tired of being bossed.

    2. As for Ryan, please see my response to Bunkerville below.

  4. I voted for Johnny McRino as a vote against Obama. He was a republican in name only and certainly not conservative. I voted for Romney as a vote against Obama he was more Democrat than Republican, certainly no conservative. He was the author of ObamaCare for goodness sake.

    I would vote for Obama over Clinton. I would vote for FDRS over Clinton. I might even vote for LBJ over Clinton. Probably not Wilson though.

    Do I have serious issues with Trump? Why yes, he is not conservative. But he is not Clinton. If this makes me wrong in your book, then friends occasionally disagree. It is OK

    1. That's what this is about.
      I don't want to argue about it.
      I want to talk about it.
      And I don't want to bully or be bullied.

  5. This is the level of 'bipartisanship' we're at today... sigh

  6. I find that the concept that Ryan is the purified conservative laughable.What about unlimited free trade, unlimited immigration is conservative. How did he all of a sudden become the marker upon which everything is judged? McConnell Calling Senator McConnell.. chirp chirp

    1. Funny you should mention that.
      I just woke up this morning thinking that people like Thayrone (the talk show host) rant about Ryan's conservative credentials and then support Trump unconditionally.
      That's some disconnect.
      I don't believe that Ryan is the pure conservative, but he's fiscally and culturally more conservative than a majority of the party he has to lead right now.