Sunday, May 15, 2016


Want something inspirational for a Sunday?
Go see Z.

How's my weekend? Thanks for asking.

We drove to Kalamazoo (is there a better name for a city?) yesterday to meet Scherie's dad and his wife for a late lunch.
Had a nice time.
On impulse we stopped at friends in Battle Creek on the way home, hoping to get some Ice Cream and Cake from their son's birthday party, but they were avoiding us, or celebrating elsewhere.

Got home, watched Outlander, and crashed.

Got a call in the middle of the night from work, so i knew I'd have to check in again at 6 with my day shift guy when he arrived.

Got up at 6, talked to him, he said it was snowing at the plant when he got in. Just ducky.
Made a pot of coffee and waited.
He called back just a bit ago, and it was a minor hydraulic leak that was squirting like an arterial rupture with every stroke of the press.
I can now officially go back to bed,,,
That's where I'll wake Scherie up and get ready for Church, then a matinee showing of Civil War, dinner with friends afterward.
I hope I stay awake during the movie.

I hope you have a blessed Sunday also.
Tell me about it if you'd like.


  1. Now I remember why work is a four letter word. *grin* Glad that all worked out.
    Our Sunday was Sunday School, then church. After lunch, it was lots of motorcycle racing prerecorded from beIN Sports. Now I'm watching my English shows on PBS (I'm a bit of an Anglophile.) It's all a lovely way to spend our day of rest.
    And hope your day was blessed too. ~:)

    1. Just got home. The friends we had dinner with are my best man (who has dementia) and his wife.
      Jim is a handful, but it helps Helen when we go out together.
      Thanks so much for checking in.

  2. I spent yesterday trying to recover from my night out -- never mind that it was not a partying night. I was too tired yesterday even to read!

    I can't stay up past my bedtime anymore. **sigh**

    1. But the play was worth it. Right?

    2. Ed,
      Yes. A toe-tapping musical. Ages since I've gone to see a musical.

  3. This past Sunday was my last in civilization for around six months. Next weekend I'll be heading back to Iraq. Not that I really care about Iraqi's mind you....but my job provides a good living for the family. We mowed the lawn and improved the chicken coop.....grilled some steaks and chicken....played Uno with the girls and caught the latest DVR of Outlander.

    Couldn't ask for more. Memories that will make me smile for awhile.

    1. You're in my prayers man.
      Thanks for sharing.
      Hope you can keep up on Outlander there.

    2. OH, CI...blessings to you and your family who'll miss you.

    3. Prayers from me too CI. Stay safe and come back soon.
      Hope your days are always blessed. ~:)

  4. Sounds like a nice wknd for you and Scherie (tell her hello).
    Thank you for the link, Ed, that's very kind of you.

    1. She's at Lady's Bible Study, but I will when she gets home.

  5. From Ypsilanti to Kalamazoo to Battle Creek and back again. You never made it to Bad Ax? I would have given you some Flint water on the way through.

  6. A quiet dinner with friends... Doesn't get any better. :-)