Monday, June 20, 2016


I was talking to a friend of mine at dinner.
He's the local Tea Party head.
He's stepping down because of the divide Trump is causing.
Like myself, he despises Trump, but will vote for him.
He's nationally connected.
He says Romney will be on the ballot for president in Utah, and only Utah.
He'll take Utah's electoral college votes.
No other third party candidate has taken one electoral college vote.
Not Perot, even.
Not the Libertarian Party.
If neither Trump or Clinton wins a majority of electoral college votes, under Amendment 12, the House immediately selects the President from the top three candidates.
Think they'll choose Clinton?
Think they'll choose Trump?
That leaves candidate #3.

Dear God, please, unless the convention unbinds the delegates.
Either way, please God, deliver our nation from Hillary, because as Z says today,
Trump can't win.


  1. These antics always further sour me on the GOP. Every previous electoral cycle, Libertarians are admonished by the GOP [writ large] that we have common cause, and similar goals in many of course, we should vote 'R'.

    Yet when mainstream GOP'ers look to challenge the nominee, instead of putting their support behind a party that IS on the ballot in all 50 states.....the 'common cause' is forgotten. Were I a resident of the State of Utah, I'd vote for Romney just as soon as I'd vote for Trump or Clinton.

    - CI

    * The domain I'm posting from in Iraq won't let me log into Blogger for some reason.

    1. I figured that about your domain.
      No offense about Johnson or Libs, er, Libertarians, :)
      But if he can't get one electoral college vote...

    2. At present, yes...but you also seem to be assuming that Romney would even win his state. This cycle however, represents the best chance in the history of the LP, to gain ground on a national scale.

  2. -CI....I hope you're doing well. I'm sorry you had a Father's Day without your daughters and they without you. I'm sure you had some Skype Time or something!?

    "antics that sour us on the GOP" are rife....and they're so played up in the media, too. Another reason we can't win.
    That, and the way SO MANY are against the Reps with the NRA thing; nobody stops and THINKS and realizes Reps do NOT want any moron to have a gun, etc etc... but the way the news is painting it? WOW.
    And the LGBT community is said to be ramping up anti NRA fodder....
    bad for Republicans. Bad for the country.

    1. LGBT s are arming up.

    2. Z - Thank you, I appreciate it! Of course, I've already spent my birthday here, Father's Day, my wife's birthday on Wednesday, our anniversary on July 1st, and both daughters birthdays in September and October respectively.

      Luckily, I'll get spoiled when I get home, for being on a hardship tour...or I'd have a lot of making up to do!

  3. Ed, thanks for the link....I've heard other Tea Party leaders stepping down, too.
    Trump is a MESS...popular with die-hards ...about 14 million...that doesn't win elections.
    Britt Hume, this morning, said Trump's numbers are lower than Romney's EVER were at his lowest. VERY bad sign for us.

  4. Ed, I understand you prayer, but you have to face how far gone are we Americans who are now ready for a Caesar.

    At the end of this short video on the life of Cato the Younger, posted in March of last year but maybe recorded much earlier, the professor says that exactly as he connects Cato's end to what you and I have been fighting to accept as a fait accompli.

    While watching the video, at segment after another, the viewer will be at a loss to imagine anyone in American public life who compares to Cato.

    Thank you SSM. Thank you large religious institutions. /s Large segments of the country have been misled, but at some point you have to concede that being misled is wilful.

    1. A Caesar, a Mussolini.
      But not a Clinton.
      A difference without much of a distinction.

    2. Pascal,

      Here is someone who has come to a similar position as yourself, for perhaps different reasons. I'm not sure that I agree with his extreme viewpoint, but it's hard to argue with his conclusions, or yours.

    3. Alec, that blogger at that link is using specific instances that may or may not be signs of excessive evil in high places. It is one heck of leap to ascribe evil to the subjects who "tolerate" being ruled by those rulers. And it's all a matter of being convinced by evidence anyway.

      There are much clearer indicators that we as a people are unworthy of attaining Heaven's blessings. How often do we shirk from defending the notion that abortion is actually ending a human life (however dependent is that life on the owner of the womb.) We've been made afraid to say anything lest we upset those who already chose abortion who will then go screaming to the authorities to punish us for hurting their feelings. "Don't you dare suggest that the fetus I aborted was human life. Hmmph!"

      And our depravity does not stop there. How many who have a failing kidney think nothing beyond their need of getting a transplant? Or an eye? A heart? How many demand first to know that the organ they're being offered was indeed donated and not harvested from living butchered slaves? And no matter what the source, how many are willing to discuss that making use of such is indeed cannibalism? Furthermore, how many are ready to attack me for bringing it up?

      In other words Alec, you will receive conclusive proof than the questionable ones raised at that link how far gone are your neighbors when you pursue either of these avenues of discussion with them.

    4. will receive more conclusive proof than the questionable ones raised at that link on how far gone are your neighbors when you pursue either of these avenues of discussion with them.

    5. Hi Pascal,

      No need to even bring up your (excellent) examples with people. Many professing Christians and non-Christians both are very quick to react not only to any identification of gross sin, but even to hints that a person does not subscribe to "tolerance" of evil.

      Hobby Lobby, the governmental attacks here in New York at Chick-fil-A trying to expand into Queens, gay wedding cake entrapment, digital "mob-stalking" and social media attacks against Christians as has happened to some of the people in this audience, etc.

      There's already plenty of conclusive proof. What's hard for all of us is to accept the implications of what's coming.

    6. Yes, it is becoming a crime to prick comatose consciences. The preliminary move can be seen in this sudden national attention on the demand for "safe spaces," where no potentially negative word is permitted.

      The implications of what's coming. The inability to accept the fact that life is filled with humans and that means learning to accept inevitable imperfections is the road to slavery. It is hard to imagine anything more stupid out. We see it even out of allegedly brilliant hard scientists as the go along with fraudulent claims in order to keep their jobs. Again something a Cato would never do.

      It is found in both the allegedly devout all along the militant atheist. It is one thing not to be able to have faith in G-d, something else entirely not to be able to accept that Natural Law means there will be consequences to every act. Especially troublesome are those consequences kicked down the road like the looming national debt and unfunded liabilities mounting into the 100 trillions. It's like the moron who keeps building a house of playing cards one collapse after another and expecting a different outcome each time. Hence it is only a matter of time that the mention of natural law will be equated to mentioning G-d. Crooked politicians will demand it.

    7. If I recall, Christians in Rome just had to burn a pinch of incense or something to Caesar. That's not unreasonable is it?
      Of course it is, to the Christian.
      Just bake a cake, fund insurance for employee abortion.
      That's not unreasonable is it?
      And the temporal consequence of not complying?
      Off with his head!

    8. Or for Lutherans, close your eyes to Thrivent (Lutheran Brotherhood insurance) funding abortion through matching dollar schemes - and beat up, vilify and push out pastors and lay people who object.

  5. Its Trump or Hillary... People need to realize that and stop with the pie in the sky ideas, NONE of them will work. Trump or Hillary, that's it. Pick Hillary, and kiss 2A and multiple other rights good by...

    1. Resolved to vote Trump, I'll take anything better, anyway it comes.

    2. It's Trump or Hillary as far as who will win the general. It's not remotely Trump or Hillary as choices for what direction the electorate in this country takes. Those of us who actually want choice, know that we wont EVER get that chance by voting for deficient candidate A or deficient candidate B.

      I remain unconvinced that Trump will safeguard Constitutional rights and civil liberties any better than Clinton will.

      - CI

    3. Fully agreed. Grasping at straws.
      Is this any way to run a republic?

  6. Actually, I think that Trump has a very good chance of winning. Whether this is a good thing, or not, time will tell. He's quite popular in our little area of paradise and that seems to be true in most rural areas. I just keep praying. May the LORD Jesus show mercy on us even though we certainly don't deserve it. ~:)

  7. Look at it this way, Ed.
    If there are some shenanigans at the convention and Trump is denied, he'll give the RNC a war that ensures Hillary's election.

    Now you don't have much of a chance as it is but if Trump throws a hissy it could cost you even more down ticket races than you're going to lose.

    In the end you'll see the wisdom.
    As for blocking Muslim immigration, not in Boston (our little slice of hell, Sparky but we love it). The medical, high tech and biotech industries would block that in a heartbeat. I don't think conservatives have though this through.

    1. "In the end you'll see the wisdom."
      I really don't know what that means.
      Wisdom of supporting Trump?
      I'd hardly expect that of you unless in the abstract.

    2. conservatives just want immigrants to be thoroughly vetted. we have a moslem doc. not against them all, just the illegal terrorists who are streaming in over the southern borders and being brought in by other means.
      most moslems are afraid of the radicals, with good reason.

    3. I have a muslim friend. And a muslim coworker.
      They're not terrorists or supporters.
      But if we can't vet applicants, Keep 'em out.

    4. I (gasp) agree with Ducky about Trump and the convention and I've said it at GeeeZ...he'd raise SUCH a stink the GOP would never recover.........

      As for muslim immigration, trust me, we seem to be the only party which HAS thought terrorism through.
      Most of us have no problem welcoming tech industry experts but it's not like we don't have our own.

    5. I and others are not sure the Party will "survive" a Trump candidacy.
      Having a party with a platform as firm as Trump's latest whim is not encouraging.
      Let all the #NeverHillary be forced to support a conservative the way we are being forced to support Trump.
      See if the Trump supporters would give up THEIR principles to deny Clinton the office.
      I doubt it.

  8. Why does everyone assume Hillary Rodham will be the Dem candidate?
    This latest Lynch fiasco is just one more straw.
    Brad Thor.
    Jill Stein.
    We live in "interesting" times.

    1. She has a get out of jail free card.
      Unlimited refills.

    2. Nothing is for free. Whatever she has on Zero and company (those who crossed Hillary in 2008) is eating them with worry. And given how many Clinton adversaries or potential problem people have not survived being against the Clintons -- the latest, John Ashe, just this last Wednesday, dying from a barbell "accidentally" crushing his throat -- it is almost a certainty that those with power now know what she is capable of should she come to power. Think about it Ed. You know THEY are.

    3. But given my latest post on Loretta Lynch effectively recusing herself , I wonder if the spell is broken or weakened.