Friday, June 17, 2016

Smart Gun Laws?

So we're talking about restricting (denying) gun rights to people who have been placed on the "Terrorist Watch List"?

  1. What are the guidelines for getting on this list?
  2. Who determines who meets these guidelines?
  3. Is that considered "Due Process"?
The rights of an individual should not be abrogated until after "Due Process".
That's the Constitution.
You know, that document that is supposed to be the bedrock of our nations rule of law.

I'll tell you where I stand on gun rights.
I'm in favor of private citizens owning almost anything they can afford.
There was a time in this country when that was acceptable.

But we remove peoples rights at the drop of a hat these days.
For instance, why do we restrict the voting rights of people who have "Paid their debt to society"?
If the debt is paid, restore the access to the right.

The same with guns. Debt paid? Act like it! Stop unconstitutionally restricting access to rights.

Some agent of the government thinks your activity deserves scrutiny? Great! I'm on board.
But don't let that guy be the arbiter of my and your rights.

Is it Stephen Hayes who was put on a no fly list? Sheesh.

So, The government is watching Mohammed al Whatever.
Mo goes to buy a gun (or is asked to surrender his).

Mo asks "Why?". Answer? "I can't tell you".

What did we just tell Mo?

Is that a "Smart Gun Law"?


  1. Nothing "smart" about it at all. As far as most of the apparatchiks are concerned, the Constitution is just some old document in a display someplace. Nothing to see here; move along.

    1. Without a national charter, what is left to bind us?

  2. Our government has evolved into tyranny run by Muslims who want us all dead or under their subjection. I think we have a right to defend ourselves from this tyranny. When are the men or military in this country going to say "Enough!" and do something about it?
    Yeah, I'm on one of 'those' moods today ...

  3. It's all about 'appearance' not substance... And good luck getting OFF any government list...

    1. Especially if you don't know you're on it.

    2. Old NFO,
      Once caught in the loop of the government bureaucracy, one is entrapped for a very long period of time -- possibly until the day that one dies.

  4. Well............ show me a single moslem on the no gun list. or the no anything list for that matter, then prove to me they actually exist.

    I say Bullshit.

  5. Well you bring up a good point.

    Once the purchase is denied he'll just:

    1. Use a straw buyer
    2. Load up at a gun show
    3. Get it on the black market

    Plenty of guns to go around in gun loony America.

    1. The Load Up at a Gun Show is baloney.
      Straw Purchase? Funny you should ask:
      Black Market. Yep. No argument here.

  6. There are a few legitimately reasonable firearm ownership procedures that could be debated, but the gun control industry isn't interested in them, because they don't have an end state of disarming the citizen. This intransigence is illustrated in the intentional campaign strategy of misleading the public, with false narratives blatantly deceptive terminology and general obfuscation.

    Why else would they rely on the easily debunked crutches of "weapons of war", "assault weapons", "easy access", "rapid fire", "high powered", "high caliber", and willful conflation of automatic v. semi-automatic.

    Anytime our intrepid gun control propagandists appear on the blogs, they conveniently avoid or ignore the very crux of the gun control argument, in favor of nothing more than baseless appeal to emotion.

    - CI

  7. They win again. We have another barbaric act of islamo-terror, and we are on the defense again for some reason - as the subject that dominates the news cycle is the blaming of guns (and the Christians who wield them). We expected this from the radical communist left (democrats) - but what has been the 'yuuuugest' dissapointment are the republicans following suit. fubar

    1. Oh, but we have to appear reasonable and not intransigent.
      I think we are reasonable when we ARE intransigent.

  8. The problem with any government program to control ANYTHING is that they'll put someone with the intellect of Joe Biden in charge.

    1. That's ridiculous.
      Everyone knows there is no "intellect of Joe Biden".

  9. IMO, the watch lists are so long that there are not enough law enforcement personnel to maintain surveillance on that many people.

    Therefore, I conclude that the Terrorist Watch List is nearly useless.

    1. Approx 1000 watch list members, 48 FBI teams watching.

  10. Happy Fathers DAY ED and to all your loved ones hon!! xoxox:)