Monday, June 13, 2016


A stone cold Jihadist Terrorist shoots up a nightclub killing a bunch of people.
The discussion turns to gun control and the Christian Right?

The guy was a registered democrat.
We need more democrat control.


  1. the left has given up reason and logic a long time ago. up is down. left is right. right is wrong. Their hate for truth is showing.

    1. You're a white Christian.
      You have no right to an opinion.
      Or a gun.

  2. Stone cold jihadist? I know that in your world, Ed, that is probably just synonymous for muslim but this seems more like a case of homophobia.

    He's claimed allegiance to all kinds of organizations. Several of which are mortal enemies of each other. Nothing directed. Just the self aggrandizement of a very insecure individual.

    He had a daughter out of wedlock with a live in girlfriend. Not hard core muslim.

    His ex-wife was on Newshour for a short interview. It's not even clear that she's muslim. No hijab, very western looking. Rather attractive. She described a mentally ill man.

    Left and right are looking at this in diametric fashion.

    1. The right are whining like brats that fundamentalist Christians are under attack. Please stop. I've haven't heard that at all and I am just a tiny bit closer to leftist news sources than yourself.

    2. The right sees this as a case of radical Islam with little evidence that this guy was anything but a home grown homophobe.

    3. The left sees it as much more a homophobic hate attack.

    4. The left knows and talks about what we all know. If you want to stop these attacks you make guns less available. Period. Stop the crazy talk about stopping Muslim immigration. Stop the crazy talk about arming more people.
    This guy first engaged a police officer who couldn't get it done so then you think armed people in a dark incredibly noisy club where they testify they couldn't even locate the source of the rounds should just start firing?
    You are aware that it takes a very well trained presence of mind to select a target in that environment. No cowboys need apply.

    5. Again, you either accept these attacks as the new normal or you make guns less available. Don't waste time with any other discussion. It's a binary.

    We need more Democrat control. Cute. Stop being a child.

    1. Stop your name-calling.
      You know it was a humorous comment with a tinge of truth.
      Hard left Democrats like Obama are leaving us open to these attacks. And trying to remove the right to self-protection of the honest citizens. Shootout in a nightclub? I wouldn't be there. Theater, Aurora? Done deal, at least I'd have had a fighting chance.
      I abhor this guys attack on human beings, homosexual or not.
      Jesus died for each of them. That's how precious their lives are. Same as muslims. But that doesn't mean we should not stop muslim immigration. Sure, this guy wasn't an immigrant, but Boston and San Bernadino were.
      This guy claims ISIS, acts out ISIS, who am I to argue?
      Or you?

  3. Umm... Ducky have you bothered to actually look at what the Koran says about homosexuality? Also, this turd got the gun perfectly legally... NOTHING you could have done to stop him, so shut your pie hole about making guns less available. You don't know what you are talking about, unless you're talking about confiscation.

    1. Yeah, I've also looked at what the O.T. has to say.
      I must say that fundamentalist Protestants are in the forefront for gay rights.

      Yes he got his gun legally. That 's my point. Those things are as available as dirt.
      As I said, it's simple. You accept mass shootings as a normal aspect of our culture or you make guns less available.

      It's the availability of guns that is the problem and I'm quit sure your precious guns are such an extension of your manhood and personality that you'll accept any number of random deaths. Your choice and I don't see any legislative push changing the current environment.

      Just don't give me the nonsense about "stone cold jihadist terrorist" in this case. You are quite comfortable with the mentally ill having immediate access to an AR-15 with a Surefire 100 round clip. Just be honest about it.

    2. Stone cold. What other mentality can kill so?
      Jihadist. Claims ISIS. Caused terror.
      Someone barrels a car into a crowd to kill, are we taking everyone's car away?
      Right are rights. Not yours to abrogate.
      Do you know the roots of the 2nd? The confiscation of the British?

    3. I have only said that this is a binary.

      You either restrict the access to guns or accept mass killings as a standard aspect of American life.

      That's it. That's the choice.
      My take is quite frankly that guns are so important to the right that we had just better get used to the killings.

    4. No.
      Our rights and freedoms are so important to us that we'll take our chances.
      That's binary enough for me.

  4. "Upside down" does it no justice. We need new words and phrases. Actually what we need is a way to attract mohammedens to libtards. We'll call it libtard-a-tract and we'll give it away.

    1. I know!
      Let's appropriate some French term to define it!
      I'm gonna sleep on it.

  5. Goodness gracious Ducky,
    I don't know you or this blog, but the guns are already here and they don't kill anyone by themselves.
    Many folks believe homosexuality is bad without ever wanting to kill them or harm them in any way.
    Why can't he be homophobic, a radical islamisist and crazy at the same time?
    Concealed carry permits for decent well trained citizens are the answer. It would be like having cops almost everywhere. I know some citizens with concealed carry permits who train weekly and could absolutely "get it done".

    1. I believe you're absolutely right Patti. Thanks for stopping by.

  6. We no longer have discussions... haven't in quite a while.
    Ask a lefty about pressure cookers today an they'll change the subject.
    I fear what I see in the future.
    Do they not realize this ends badly for them?
    (That's rhetorical... logic no longer means anything.)

    1. Greybeard,

      A most sensible comment! And agreed, no, they don't realize it.

      Asking questions about any of the sacrosanct words, ideas or symbols will bring out murderous rage faster than you can finish the sentence.

      I just made the unforgivable mistake of questioning the inclusion of the rainbow flag of hate on what has been a completely non-political forum.

      Let's just say I was "feeling the love".


  7. Patti, Gun Free Zones need to be eliminated. Maybe we can get it done economically. If your venue usually has large groups of people and you don't allow guns, we are not going there. I think it will get to that point by default actually.

  8. Now Trump is getting iffy on gun control . Just what we needed. Obama will make a frontal assault and McConnell will be happy to oblige.

    1. Trump has always been iffy on gun control.

    2. I know that CI. But the trumpeters have been saying he'd seen the light since his Leftist backing days (due to it being necessary for biz.) Bunking said "Now Trump is getting iffy on gun control" [emphasis added]

      I presumed it was in reaction to Orlando, and I wish to send any new link to those yet still Trumpeters or may not be kissing cousins to Leftwing nihilists.

    3. erase "...or may not be..."

      Replace with ...who may not be...

    4. Frankly, my palatability for Trump was slightly increasing until Bunkerville's comment.

    5. Per request for link: Trump Spurns GOP Pieties to Meet With NRA on Terror List Gun Ban
      Yea, I was starting to warm up too.


      People get on the no fly list forever, except actual terrorists.

  9. Does everybody here realize Trump is "iffy" from day to day, depending on what's occurred and who's listening?
    He hasn't a character governed by values and ethics...he has a character based on putting his big fat manicured thumb into the air to see which way the wind's blowing.
    ED, you said EXACTLY what I've been saying, as you know...EVERY time I start to weaken on the jerk, he does or says ONE MORE THING that makes me shiver and feel like I need a shower right after voting for the ass. God help us all. Because we will probably have to vote for him.

    1. Not probably, must.
      But I heard a silver lining tonight.
      More later.

    2. Z,
      Exactly correct.

      The act works, so he uses it. But New Yorkers know his real motivators have always been money and power. And deals. The man is ruthless and egocentric. He'll say or do anything to get his way. The rules apply to us - not to him.

      Why should we believe he would do anything different than Obama has, or Clinton would?

    3. The attraction seems to be that while we have every reason to believe he is another liberal democrat in repub clothing, there's the off chance he will be slightly better than Clinton.
      Grasping at anything as we sink.

  10. Alec, he doesn't look or sound like clinton. For now, that's good enough for me. Honestly, that squealing beast in the white house for 8 years? I'd rather... fill in the blank.

    But hey, go with your gut.

    1. Kid,
      I'm not sure I'll be able to sleep tonight after that image!

  11. Lets replace gun free zones with moslem free zones.