Sunday, November 6, 2016

Utter Corruption on Open Display

I thought this might have been a misrepresentation of a statement.
The president of the US is on the record, encouraging an illegal immigrant to vote with impunity.
His job description is to enforce the law, not ignore it.

And you thought Hillary would be prosecuted?

Speaking of corruption in voting.


  1. This is what I've called out as gloating by the ruling class.

    It's the job of voters to replace representatives that displease them.

    It's the prerogative of rulers to replace subjects that displease them.

    Frankly, which of these two contradictory scenarios do you really think we are now living under?

    1. The second is an interesting take on immigration.

    2. Insert lawless before immigration in your sentence and I think you on to how they've rounded their circle.

      Constitutional republic is rule by law. Banana Republic is rule by strongman.

      Don't have enough money, then inflate the currency and tax via the backdoor of devaluating cash holdings.
      Don't have enough votes, then inflate the vote and thus devalue the vote of the citizens who wants you gone.

  2. This is the future I have been fearful of.
    As a Civil War buff, I've always been frightened with the idea of lining up my sights on my cousin.
    Is there a way today of avoiding this scenario?
    Where is today's Abraham Lincoln?

    1. Lincoln led us through a horrendous war to unite the union.
      But it was a war he was willing to prosecute.

  3. He's committed so many acts of Treason. He should be impeached, imprisoned then executed.
    Like, that will ever happen during these evil days ... [/sarc]

  4. Bev Harris made quite a name for herself, with Black Box Voting, after the 2000 election. At the time, I don't remember a soul on the right caring await about it. How times have changed.

  5. I FEEL LIKE WE'RE LIVING IN SOME OTHER COUNTRY WHERE NOBODY CARES ABOUT THE LAWS...but we should have known this was coming when Sanctuary Cities came into existence and NOBODY cared about THAT much. What kind of country has laws and then has cities where those laws don't matter?
    ???????????? STUPID STUPID STUPID

  6. A cornered animal will eventually fight, ferociously.
    A group that realizes no one is going to protect them against evil is... a cornered animal.
    The thing that amazes me?
    This cornered animal has extraordinary means to fight. My only thought is that SOMEONE wants this result.
    Ever see the Dustin Hoffman movie "Straw Dogs"?
    Cornered. Scared.

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  8. A country that votes in a president that hates America (moslem) and its tradition of following the rule of law (not moslem) is one that has been compromised by overwhelming numbers of illegals and lo-fo voters. Let's hope there aren't more of them than there are us or it's the end of our Republic.

  9. If the American system of Boxes is compromised,
    then we're only left with the last BOX.

    Which no sane, God-fearing person wants to open.
    I pray for our Country. you should too.

  10. I am reminded by a friend,
    Soap Box
    Ballot Box
    Ammunition Box
    Pine Box
    It might be getting close to the third.

  11. HAPPY DAYS ARE HERE AGAIN my friend!!!! xoxoxoxo keep praying and things will turn will see ED!!!