Wednesday, November 9, 2016

President-Elect Donald Trump

So I called the election at a little after midnight last night.

I've been waiting to blow these off since 2012.
I had more, but this seemed like enough.

Around 2:30 Scherie and I decided Pennsylvania and our home state of Michigan rejected Hillary and went to bed.
I awoke at 6 am to the news that indeed I had caled the election correctly and that Her Hillariness had conceded.

Dollars to donuts, he does not prosecute her.

His acceptance speech when referring to her did not include the term "Lying Hillary".

All I can say is, "Thank God" for the result of this election given the choices.

We will see what the future holds, but I have high hopes for appointments that I will be happy with, including 100 Federal Judiciary appointments that, thanks to Harry Reid, will not be filibustered.
One of those will replace Alito, hopefully with a Ted Cruz.

Others have bandied preferences.
I'd be happy with John Bolton at State, Carson at HHS and Nobody at Education.

I, unlike others I know, believe Ryan will survive the Speakership and hopefully we will be pleased with him.

I want to thank God for KellyAnne Conway, also, or I do not think I'd be thanking Him for last night.

I'm taking a few moments from work to type this (I never lunch) and I am happy to report I am bouyed and not exhausted.



  1. My morning mood was pre-ordained once we knew who the two major candidates were. Bleh.

    But congrats for those who voted for Trump.

    I second "Nobody" for Education and Cruz for SCOTUS. I'm not enamored with any of the other names bandied about [though Peter Thiel might make for an interesting SCOTUS pick as well].

    - CI

  2. 1. I understand buoyed cuz I'm there with you.

    2. Giuliani for AG ('cepting for his NYC reinforced hoplophobia and with Donald never having been a lib for so long, I'd be concerned) might be OK too.

    3. Cutting 2 old bureaucratic regs for every new one was a nice pledge -- would love to see it happen. Hold him to this one.

    4. Push him, a non-lawyer, to do what W promised but never did -- TORT REFORM. That would go a long way to eliminating the pain of gutting Obamacare so that the Left can't use it against him.

    5." thanks to Harry Reid, will not be filibustered." Uh. Not so sure about this given McConnell's stance. Best argument against that stance is to tell McConnell that public life must not be allowed to resemble an Abbott and Costello skit -- "heads Dems win, tail Reps lose." Don't let him off the hook that Harry Reid provided or he is nothing more than a clown and not worthy of being followed.
    And. Don't. Let. Up.

  3. We're elated here. Donald Trump is a business man who knows how to delegate. He's a million times better than DingleBarry or the HildaBeast. I think we're in for better times after the dust settles. Just eliminating BarryDontCare is a big, BIG help.
    Wish the video would have loaded. Was it firecrackers? We shot off shotguns here in the country. We also do that on New Year's.
    Blessings. ~:)

    1. It was Roman Candles.
      Shotguns would be rough on the neighbors. :)

  4. I voted early Tuesday morning and then refused to watch the news for the rest of the day. I felt that whatever was going to happen was going to happen whether I watched or not. Ten I woke up at 1 am and I couldn't refuse a peek. Fox had Trump in the lead. I checked with CNN and their numbers for Trump were lower, but he was still in the lead. This is when I woke up my household and the happy dances started.

    1. Scary wasn't it?
      All I could think of was waking up to Obama's second term, four years ago.
      As if things had gone south while I wasn't watching.
      But thank God....

  5. John Bolton.
    Allen West.
    Ben Carson.
    Rand Paul.
    Trey Gowdy.
    Put 'em where they'll operate most efficiently.
    (And thank GOD, this man knows how to use staff.)

    1. Amen. But I'm surprised at not hearing the name Bolton bandied on the news more.

    2. Better -- we know he knows how fire those who don't meet his standards.

    3. Newt. He loves zoos. Make him Czar overseer of bills sent to Congress and keep the beasts from mauling them too much.

    4. "fire those who don't meet his standards."
      "You were charged with administering services to veterans and you bought artwork. You're Fired!"
      I love it.

    5. If you're gonna include Rudy, make him pledge before his confirmation that the first time he mentions infringing on gun rights or even fails to prosecute states for infringing on gun rights, his resignation will be already written and accepted.

    6. "You were supposed to be enforcing the law and not your point of view.
      You're Fired!"

  6. Ed, just realized there are no females on my list.
    Trump could go a long way toward healing old wounds (and shutting some obnoxious pie-holes), by finding a spot for Carly Fiorina.
    Add her to my list.

  7. Good stuff Ed. Dennis Miller for White House Spokesperson. Or maybe Ann Coulter. :)