Thursday, December 8, 2016

A Classic, by it's Author

Mark Lowery has been a stand up comedian and author for years.
Gaither Vocal Band 
If you don't know who they are, check your salvation :)
And then he writes this.
That's him, seated.

You're welcome.

And here he is, years ago. See if you can catch the genesis of the song.

And I'm on a roll here.
This is hilarious:

And then there is this, which I had to stop and restart repeatedly so Scherie and I could wipe the tears of laughter from our eyes:


  1. Good stuff for us who love the Lord and love to laugh! One of my fellow underwriters is a member of the Justified Quartet (he's the big guy on the right). Tina and I love to see them perform (and goof) each summer when they stop by the local outdoor pavilion. Of course, I audition spontaneously and randomly at the office when I'm in the middle of a tricky file. I'm sure I will be called on for some bass at some point *cough*

  2. He's right....when the dead person sits up, the funeral's over! Loved that line.
    Am performing Mary Did you Know? next LOVE love doing that song...and I'm having the congregation sing the third verse with me because nobody who's not a singer gets to sing that song except in the car or the shower, it's so not a group-singing song!
    THanks for the good videos!

  3. All good ones, especially Mary did you know. Thanks!