Friday, September 22, 2017

National Unity, Part Two

So does North Korea provide the common enemy, and will we unify facing that threat?
Islamic Terrorism isn't cutting it as I was obliquely referring to here.
Iran getting nukes hasn't done it.

Will someone waving nukes under our nose do it?

Maybe this is a solution.

You know those electric light maps that show the difference in nighttime glow between North and South Korea?

That may change soon.


  1. Yes, but it will be a greenish glow.

  2. Ed, I understand those nighttime pics are photoshopped. N Korea is actually the brightest landscape in that area at night and Kim Jong Un is working very hard to bring human rights to all people of the Earth. One of the N Korean Comfort Women told me this in private.

  3. ED, No, I had lunch with Sung Ho.

  4. Better to unite to achieve common goals?
    Probably but that's been made impossible and the right has to bear primary responsibility.

    1. I laughed at your comment duck. After your boy obama divided America by every division point possible, you blame 'the right'. You really should see a docta but you won't.

    2. Ducky, you'd have to prove that to me.
      I agree with Kid on Obama putting a split right down this country, causing a reaction on the right and in the middle.

    3. The cults of Obama and Trump can both share the honor. But nothing like a good old fashioned war temporarily wallpapers over the political theater. The misnomered and mismanaged "war on terror" certainly didn't rise to that occasion. nK likely would.