Saturday, December 23, 2017

A-Carolling We Go

Every year, our church would do a "Cantata", a Christmas Musical Show.
We usually got good reviews, which is nice, especially since we are such a small church.
This year, the pastor suggested that we "take it on the road".

We went carolling on two different nights.
The first night we caroled people at their homes that we are praying for.
The second night we visited a nursing home and caroled residents.

The first night, one of the homes we caroled belongs to the owners of the radio station I broadcast at, Thayrone and Linda.
Thayrone's wife Linda is battling cancer and one of her best friends, my friend Marcia, coincidentally attends our church. Small world. So we've been praying for her.
So we showed up at their doorstep singing.

Imagine my surprise to be listening to Thayrone's broadcast "On the Edge" and hearing this:

Blew me away.

Well, I wish our church could sing to you, but Scherie and I wish you a Merry Christmas.

Speaking of Thayrone, you should listen to his take on when we celebrate Christmas, it's not long:


  1. Best wishes for a wonderful Christmas ... :)

  2. I tried carolling this year for the 1st time. Everyone threw a pot of water on me - I must sound like a feline in heat. Merrrrrrrrrrrow. Either that or I'm ugly - No wait, that would score me points in Cincinnati.

    1. Merry Christmas Kid. You're a joy to have around.