Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Hugh Hewitt

This grinning idiot talk show host who works for MSNBC, purports to be a conservative, broadcasts on Salem Radio Network in the morning (a poor replacement for Bill Bennett) and would rather see a democrat win in Alabama, than see Roy Moore win.
Swamp Rat.

Can't Salem do better?


  1. Of course they can ... if only they wanted to.

  2. Heh. I did warn you about him didn't I. He's been a pimple on L.A. talk for many years. Both him and medved have worked at the major PBS station KCET. They don't take well to true conservatives there. Salem has been on my do not trust list for quite some time.

    As for can Salem do better.... I cannot tell for sure if Salem corrupted Dennis Prager when then took him on after he left (tossed off) KABC ~20 years ago or if Prager's own ego was enough. I love Prager U videos, but then I've always loved that Dennis kept discussions of morality current going back to the mid 80s when I first heard him.

    The problem for me is how easy it has been for him to bend morality to suit his current trends. Well, trust but verify applies to him yet. A classic case of do-as-I-say-not-as-I-doism. He in a truth serum moment might say "Haven't I always preached to trust in God and in no man? Take me for example."

    1. Yes you did. I haven't listened to Prager or Medved enough to know. but when I have heard Prager I've like it.
      Mike Gallagher seems ok.

  3. Haven't listened to him in a long time. Doesn't sound like I'm missing anything. I don't watch the Morning Joe either. If I continue to list everyone I don't watch or listen to, then you're gonna need a bigger blog. I get all the news I need to know from The Courant.