Saturday, December 16, 2017

The Drift Radio Show Notes for Saturday 16 Dec 2017

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Topic: Roy Moore :
Reddit call for “African-Americans in Mississippi” to “make a short trip to Alabama on December 12.”
Georgia , Tennessee also.
The Alabama Supreme Court shot down a lower court ruling Tuesday requiring counties to preserve their digital voting records.
Moore is down 1.7 points and only needs to come within a half-point to spark a statewide recount. Absentee ballots from military service members have still not been counted.
 Tuesday.  After record destruction has been allowed
22,800 write-in votes were cast, more than the gap separating Mr. Moore,  Because the number of write-in votes appears to exceed the margin of victory, an Alabama law that requires that the names of write-in candidates be officially tallied is likely to be triggered. Mr. Merrill will determine whether the counting requirement applies by noon on Monday.
Topic: Dana Nessel  Dem AG Candidate 
We have plenty of neutered Republicans to run for office, and they are.
Now Caitlin Jenner is accusing Bruce Jenner of fondling her for years!

Topic: Deep State
Mike Morell,
who served as acting director of the CIA from 2012-2013, took some of the blame for Trump’s feud with the CIA.
Morell endorsed Clinton in August of 2016, citing Trump’s lack of qualifications and willingness to exchange compliments with Russian President Vladimir Putin.
“In the intelligence business, we would say that Mr. Putin had recruited Mr. Trump as an unwitting agent of the Russian Federation,” he wrote in a New York Times op-ed. “My training as an intelligence officer taught me to call it as I see it. This is what I did for the C.I.A. This is what I am doing now. Our nation will be much safer with Hillary Clinton as president.”
That was Morell’s first foray into domestic politics, “a difficult decision” that he allowed was made easier by the expectation that Clinton would win. But the accumulation of Morell’s criticisms, along with former CIA director Michael Hayden and then-CIA director John Brennan, likely left a bad impression with Trump.
“Then he becomes president, and he’s supposed to be getting a daily brief from the moment he becomes the president-elect,” Morell said. “Right? And he doesn’t. And within a few days, there’s leaks about how he’s not taking his briefing. So, he must have thought—right?—that, ‘Who are these guys? Are these guys out to get me?’”
Now who else was in intelligence and opposed to Trump?
Trey Gowdy says: 
Bruce Ohr, the former associate deputy attorney general who was demoted at the Justice Department in the wake of revelations about undisclosed meetings he had with officials from Fusion GPS, is expected on Monday to testify in a closed-door hearing before the Senate Intelligence Committee
Ohr’s wife, Nellie Ohr, worked at Fusion GPS during the summer, specifically on Trump related issues.
FBI agent Peter Strzok's texts with Lisa Page disparage Trump throughout campaign
“I want to believe the path you threw out for consideration in Andy’s office - that there’s no way he gets elected - but I’m afraid we can’t take that risk,” Strzok texted on Aug. 15, 2016. “It’s like an insurance policy in the unlikely event you die before you’re 40.”
Jim Jordan Says (about Jeff Sessions) 

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Topic: Tax Bill:
CNN Phill Mattingley  


  1. Good one, and any bets those absentee ballots DON'T get counted?

    1. Seems there may be more to that story. It's too bad I didn't see this until today.

  2. Sorry I hadn't seen this sooner Ed. It was published yesterday. Here's a more direct link to the author of the story found at the link I left for Old NFO.