Monday, September 24, 2018

Trump. the Obstructionist

True statement.
The big state progressive socialist control freaks want to dictate your life to you. What you say, what you eat, who you hang with, how you worship. 
You OK with that?
I'm not.

In other news, we discussed the news this weekend.

The Drift Radio Show September 22, 2018


  1. Not enough people realize this. If they did, the alphabet networks would only have the revenue to show "My Friend Flicka" reruns, and test patterns.

  2. Love the title. Very appropriate. He's our right tackle for our run game.

  3. That one is pretty much on the money, especially as far as gun control is concerned.

  4. The old saying about "Just because I'm paranoid....." never rang more true.

  5. To quote Churchill, "The appeaser is one who feeds the alligator hoping to be eaten last." I think it's time for the gator to be trapped and put away in the old gator's farm.