Saturday, October 20, 2018


NPC= Non Playable Character
The character or characters in a video game that are controlled by the game.
They speak scripted words. Say what they are told.
It's been noticed that the letters M, O, and B are each one letter position shy of N, P and C!
MOB or NPC, think of those "progressive" protesters who chant the same scripted words, seemingly with no original thought.

And then there is this:

Edit: Eaton Rapids Joe also posted about NPC with some good insight.
Edit: Francis W. Porretto at Liberty's Torch also.


  1. I think readers will get the best understanding of NPC from PJW
    and his manner fits in with Porretto's recommendation --
    using Alinsky rule #5 against the radicals is something WE can enjoy. link.

    PJW's displaying and mocking the huge number of whiners complaining that being called NPC is dehumanizing was super funny.

    What came first, choosing to act as an NPC or having an opponent notice? LOL. The former of course.

  2. I like my video game NPCs when I get to play a game about once every 3 years. The NPCs in Far Cry 4 have some hilarious dialogue and insults... but then I get to shoot them (hey, its war... and its a game)... These snowflake NPCs - not so much.

    1. Last video game I played went something like "You are in a room. You have a rope, and a key. There is a door."

  3. I've seen this gray dude head around, but wasn't sure what it was all about. These two video have helped me understand and I'm on board with anything that upsets lib/progs. Thanks for the enlightenment.

  4. I just saw your reply to DaBlade. Well, the last video I played was "Asteroids."

  5. Interesting on the NPC/MOB connection.

    1. Arthur C Clarke did that when he chose the name HAL from IBM.

      HAL was a fine program corrupted by the notion that the humans onboard were considering ending his mission.

      NPCs are hardly fine programs, but still they appear to have the same attitude towards humans that dissent from their programmer's Prog mission. Hence the mob and its attacks.