Saturday, February 16, 2019

National Socialism vs Communism in America

When I read Liberal Fascism by Jonah Goldberg,

one of the points he made was that Hitler and the Communists were in opposition primarily because Hitler was a nationalist and the communists believed in the Internationale, a global communism.
Hitler wanted power, but over a socialist state that he ran, that was German in nature.

Today we are faced with a Democratic party that is socialist in nature, but is rejecting national identity. 
Is there a conflict in that party?
Are there those who are genuine patriots (John F.Kennedy/Scoop Jackson democrats) yet with a socialist vision, regardless of degrees?
Do they see the open borders crowd, the internationalists, globalists as their political rivals?
I think not.
I'm trying to think of an example of a national democratic figure that is America First.
Can't, He or she would be ridiculed as a nationalist and if he/she were white? a White Nationalist!

So I guess that the Democrat Party can no longer be considered the analogy of the Nazi Party.
It's no secret that CPUSA  Platform and the DNC Platform are similar platforms. Is God still in the Dem Platform? 
Hmmm.. I just looked. He's tangentially mentioned in at least a reference to a God-given right to education. Of course that's not one enumerated in the Constitution. Yet.

All of the major players in the Democratic Party are rejecting limits on border enforcement.
Without borders, you can have no national government. What area would it govern?
Who would it be subject to, responsive to?
The only border would then be the stratosphere and that would require a government that controls all in that border. A Global Government.

This is not breaking news, no earth shattering revelation.
Just a juxtaposition that occurred to me this morning.



  1. We are all being played... Cortez for one. No thinking person could possibly claim that having Millions of pour across our borders, no walls, makes any sense at all. It is a contagion that I doubt can be stopped at this point.
    Your comment at AOW was spot on regarding the Amazon fiasco.
    I left a further comment.

    1. To which i replied. Who is playing the players?

  2. The dream of global communism under one group of elite puppeteers was the same in Orwell's time as it is now. It's disguised thinly, but it's there to see. Totalitarianism is pretty much the same, whether Hitler's view or Stalin's, or Mao's, etc. "A boot stomping on a human face forever".

    1. This is the comment I replied to Bunkerville with as referenced above. It is appropriate to you comment I think.
      Byzantine Politics. A maze within an enigma with unseen puppeteers working in unison to an unheard drumbeat.
      Even more obscure than that.
      My take is that the Prince of the Power of the Air is moving these hands and prompting these voices and they don't even know that. Sometimes the simple answer is the best.

  3. Stratosphere -- great point. You have to have a mountain top view to control the world. Satan understood that well enough in the wilderness.

    Good thing, then, that we've got a SPACE FORCE. Zzzap those malfeasants from high orbit.

    1. Well, I used to bounce radio waves off the troposphere for a living, but nobody ever knows what I'm talking about when I mention it. :)
      Space Force! Now if we just had Spacecraft!

  4. A one world government has always been the goal of the Progressives: Wilson's League of Nations, the UN, the underpinnings of the EU, even the fictional "Federation" of Star Trek.

    The current open borders push is simply one more effort to destroy the US, one of the most Nationalistic nations on Earth. Once we fall the rest will go easily into the night.

    Once there are no countries, no nations, the Antichrist can step in reign over the world.

  5. There are differences between socialism and communism, but each of these are mostly packaged and marketed in a way to appeal to those who subscribe to this central understanding: more government, less individual liberty. It was none other than Lenin who instructed his followers, “The purpose of socialism is communism.” One is the mechanism for achieving the other. And it goes to this core issue: how easily are people fooled into supporting one or the other. This is no time for true Americans to fall asleep. My guess is that AO-C (as but one of many) who doesn’t understand but a fraction of what is at stake.

  6. What pitiable shape, this country, after a mere 241 years. Such promise at the start, but when one party and half (or more) of the population who support them actually rejects the principles of our founding... we keep swinging in hopes that the next generation will swing the pendulum back to sanity.

  7. Yep, going to be interesting to see which way it actually falls.

  8. Liberal Fascism is an eye-opening book. Along with David Horowitz's Radical Son, it opened the eyes of one of my homeschool students; he went on to attend Hillsdale College.

    In my view, today's Dem Party is a lost cause. If I'm not mistaken, Joe Lieberman saw that reality back in 2006 or so.

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