Sunday, January 24, 2021

War is a Racket

General Smedley Butler, not Mustang

A discussion with Mustang predicated by Donald J Trump's farewell speech in which he declares (as others have) that he is (was) the first president in years to preside over a term with no new wars and a reduction of troops abroad. That made me think of  USMC General Smedley Butler's work, "War Is A Racket".

We talk about that, too.

Of course, Pretender-in-Chief Xi Biden will get us back on track shortly.

 Your American Heritage, 23 January, 2012.

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  1. Why would Schumer want Trump removed from office? With so little time left, doesn’t this seem odd to you? It feels more like a dramatic moment in a soap opera than a necessary action to be taken. After all, Joe Biden is now the President-Elect. Because he has official status, what’s the big deal about hounding Trump out of office? Could there be a reason for this. There is. Let me tell you what it is.
    While Antifa was rampaging through the Capitol during Biden’s ratification, pretending to be Trump supporters, across the ocean in Rome, Italy, Arturo D’elio, an employee at Leonardo SpA, was busy providing sworn testimony in court. Where D’elio works is important. Leonardo is the world’s eighth largest defense contractor, and Italy is a member of NATO.
    In his deposition, D’elio revealed the scheme that proved to be successful in using Leonardo computer systems as well as military satellites located in Pescara, Italy. D’elio’s hi-tech equipment altered the election results in the 2020 Presidential Election in the United States. D’elio swore under oath that he altered results in seventeen states—that’s right, seventeen, not just the six swing states.
    Those who participated in this scheme were not minor players. Italy’s Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, was involved. So were officials at the U.S. Embassy in Rome. MI-6 and the CIA were involved. Others were involved too, household names in the USA, but revealing those scoundrels will have to wait.
    What we have here is not just the smoking gun. It’s the confession of the person who used the gun. His sworn testimony is evidence, the very thing we have long awaited. We have always known that votes were altered. Now, we know not only how it was done but also who the people were who were responsible for changing the election’s outcome. We have proof about who stole votes from Trump and gave them to Biden.
    The scandal this has produced in Italy is so large that Conte’s government will probably fall. It should. That this has happened is being repressed by the U.S. media. No surprise about this but, because this is the biggest story since Pearl Harbor, I don’t believe it can be swept under the rug. The bad guys, those like Chuck Schumer and even some Republicans, know it’s coming. This is why they want to get rid of President Trump once and for all.

    1. Tom, I don't know how to break it to you, but Biden is NOT the president-elect.
      The Italian government DID fall.

    2. They want the impeachment in order to force a verdict of no more public service on President Trump.

      We, according to custom, can still call him that. President Trump. And First Lady Melania.

      Yeah, it's all about stopping him from running for President again, or any other public office, like governor or senator.

      Because they fear him that much.

  2. Biden is not my President. Never will be. Hope we can do something about it soon before things go too far. Enough is enough, you know?! Time to put a stop to this farce.

  3. I enjoyed hearing more about Generals Butler and Puller. I wonder how anyone could talk to guys like that as they seems to exist in some other dimension.

    Talking about some of the more complex issues of warfare such as profit is thought provoking and don't have simple answers. As far as cruise missiles - if you need to rely on someone making those for you, then you need to keep them in business as inventory goes obsolete. Shoot em or recycle seem the only options.

    1. Thanks Kid!
      No easy answers is right.
      But Trump was restrained in their use for a "bombastic" person. :)
      I'd rather someone had the political will to scrap them than to throw them at someone as an excuse to replace them.
      Like that would ever happen.

    2. Tis not a nice world we live in.

  4. And 1 day after being elevated to Chief Thief in Charge, we have troops going back into Syria even with the Syrians begging Biden to please not bring any more troops in.

    Our troops will cause trouble for Russia. Which makes the ChiComs happy. Hmmm.... Wonder who really ordered the troops back in?

  5. Trump should rightly get full credit for downsizing our footprint in Afghanistan and Somalia. The rest is a shell game. A paltry reduction on Iraq, more troops in KSA, and we've been in Syria guarding oilfields....from the Syrians, the entire time.

  6. War is a profitable business. If not, the large economic boom after WW2 wouldn't have happened.

    1. But that defense spending comes from taxes paid by the citizenry.