Thursday, July 15, 2021

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Good Afternoon and welcome to Your American Heritage where we talk about the two things you’re not supposed talk about in polite society: Religion and Politics.  My name is Ed Bonderenka, and I’m "not your fuzzy insurrectionist".

I’ll be your host today. We expect turbulence so please fasten your seatbelts and stow any Left wing philosophy in the trash bin of history.

The show is produced by Derek Stone, the hardest working man in radio.

Let’s open in prayer.

Father, please lead us and guide the nation. Please deliver us from the evil administrations in both Washington and Lansing. Please bring a realization to the uninformed electorate of their need for a moral compass based on the principles in the Bible, the same principles that guided the founders as they designed our republic.
Please protect us from the machinations of those that would subject us to their power instead of representing us as elected agents of the people.

It’s Day 171 of the coup. There are powers that are trying to overthrow the Constitution and implement their dominion over us. The Great Reset is not their goal, it is their plan. The plan is to reset out history to zero so you don’t know how we got here. The plan is to reset your assets to zero so that you are dependent on the government.
Their goal is to enslave you and make you like it.
Our job is to resist. To support each other and to push back their agenda.
To encourage each other.
That is one of the purposes of this show. To encourage and strengthen and provide a platform for those who would help us reclaim our nation.

One of the ways that the left hopes to use is the federalization of the police.
The left wants to defund the police. The local police. Not the federal police. We have police agencies that respond to the local communities, the townships, and the counties. The county sheriff is an elected representative of the county, not an appointed bureaucrat of the federal government. He responds to the people of his county. Or he is unelected soon.

In this nation, the majority of all U.S. counties have been designated as Second Amendment sanctuaries, according to an analysis by Sanctuary Counties.

 As of June 20, there are 1,930 counties “protected by Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level,” representing 61% of 3,141 counties and county equivalents in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

Among these are Livingston, Monroe and Jackson counties.

 Pelosi Opens Satellite Field Offices for DC Capitol Police in Florida and California to Deal with Regional Threats.

Wikipedia: The agency is lead by an "Executive Team" with the Chief of Police at the head, who is supported by an Assistant Chief of Police for Uniformed Operations, and a Chief Administrative Officer. There are about 18 bureaus and offices,[44] and an Inspector General. Due to threats and other security measures in the wake of the 2021 United States Capitol attack, the agency announced plans to open field offices in California and Florida on July 6.
acting USCP Chief Yogananda Pittman said  "Throughout the last six months, the United States Capitol Police has been working around the clock with our Congressional stakeholders to support our officers, enhance security around the Capitol Complex, and pivot towards an intelligence-based protective agency,

 "The executive team reports to the Capitol Police Board.

Capitol Police Board members of which are effectively chosen by the party in power of each chamber.

The sergeant at arms for each chapter is chosen by that chamber.
So, effectively, they are the personal police force of Pelosi and Schumer.

Are these the same Capitol Police that held the doors open for protesters and invited them in as long as they were peaceful? Are those easily identifiable officers going to be jailed as insurrectionists?
If the regional offices of the Capitol Police discover a threat against a member of Congress, what will they do?
Do they have arrest powers in other jurisdictions?

Capitol Police bravely stood up to the crazed Democrat who shot up a congressional baseball game, targeting republicans and famously hitting Steve Scalise and less famously Matt Mika, a Tyson Foods lobbyist, was shot multiple times in the chest and arm, injuring his lungs, sternum and ribs.[36][37][38] He is a former baseball player and former legislative assistant for Congressmen Tim Walberg and Dave Camp, both Republicans from Michigan.

A blatant attack on republicans, but the resulting investigation was done by the FBI, not the Capitol police.
If these remotes offices are to persecute, er prosecute people involved in President Trumps rally, then there is no precedent.
If they are to prevent further attacks, with this intelligence-based protective agency, then maybe they should have paid attention to the info that was presented prior to the Trump rally warning that instigators planned disruptive illegal activity.
In March, NBC News said: The Capitol Police ignored critical intelligence ahead of the Jan. 6th riot, including overlooking a warning that, “Congress itself is the target,” according to an internal watchdog report obtained by NBC News.

The police force tasked with protecting the U.S. Capitol also lacked policies and procedures that left them severely unprepared to deal with the deadly insurrection, the 104-page report prepared by the Capitol Police’s inspector general found. The Capitol Police said it agreed with the recommendations but also suggested it lacks the "time and resources" needed to implement them.

So if the information was handed to them on a silver platter, presumably from other agencies, and they neglected it, why should they expand their reach to sovereign states for investigative purposes?
To investigate potential visitors to the capitol? Would we have to apply for visas?
Or to investigate political enemies of Nancy Pelosi?

Part of Your American Heritage is a showman named George M. Cohan. George M Cohan was born in 1878 and died at 64 in 1942. His story is portrayed in the Jimmy Cagney movie, “Yankee Doodle Dandy”. I played a portion of that last week and then watched the full movie with my wife on Sunday. What a wonderful movie. Almost as good as The Best Years of Our Lives.

While I watched the movie, I was reminded of Donald Trump and his love of the country.

Here’s a clip of then famous stage star Faye Templeton reacting to appearing in a Cohan show.

Doesn't she remind you of an elitist?

That was back when Hollywood supported patriotism. That’s part of our heritage to restore.


In other news, The Supreme Court rejected hearing the Barronelle Arlene’s Florist case

Jack Phillips’ case was about harassment by a government agency.
Not about freedom of religion. Yet the Philadelphia adoption case was.

The Supremes rejected her case, but did not rule on the merits. Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and 

Neil Gorsuch wanted to hear the case. At least they didn't hear it and rule against. It's still open. 

Perhaps Barrett didn't think it was strong enough to convince the others and it would be a loss.

Lansing — Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's approval rating saw its first significant drop of the COVID-19 pandemic, but half of Michigan voters gave her favorable reviews in a poll released Monday by the Detroit Regional Chamber.

The Democratic governor's job approval dropped by 8 percentage points from February to May, according to the survey of 600 registered voters with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points. Contacted May 22-26, 50% of participants said they approved of Whitmer's performance while 44% said they disapproved.

In a similar Feb. 3-6 poll, three months earlier, 58% approved while 38% disapproved.

This afternoon, we are speaking with Bob Scott who is running for the opportunity to represent the Republican Party in the Gubernatorial Election in Michigan in 2022.

This Primary is important. We cannot have another loser like Schuette.
We can’t have a hand picked candidate picked by Shirkey or any others in the GOP leadership.
Next week we’ll be talking about the importance of Primary Campaigns with Cindi Holland.

This is not an endorsement of Bob Scott, I just want to present him to the voters for consideration.

Hi Bob.
So I was going to ask you what made you want to be an advocate of oppressing women’s right to terminate their pregnancy or to allow weapons of war on the streets, but I decided not to.

 Masters Degrees in Business and Finance

Bachelor of Arts in Bible, Ministry, and Church Business Administration

Minors in Education and Psychology

2 Years Forestry at Lake Superior State University

I often ask people at our age “What do you want to be when you grow up?”
It seems you want to be governor.

What made you decide to run for office?

I’ve noticed that the field as I see is under represented by office holders.

For the rest, you'll have to listen to the show :)

Your American Heritage.


  1. The whole issue with the CP is whether or not they will even have jurisdiction outside the Capital region.

  2. How do the Capitol Police have the right to arrest, issue tickets, or perform other policing duties when in the jurisdiction of another policing entity? Does San Fran Nan figure that, since we have Federal Marshalls, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, agents for the Bureau of Indian Affairs, and other agencies that fall under the executive branch, that she could add just one more?

  3. Were you aware that dementia Joe had added 800+ regulations to business operations in about 6 months? I guess that Nancy wants to do her part to expand government, too.

  4. Ed,

    Did you hear Joe's admission during the Cincinnati town hall?

    1. I will look. Man I've been busy, exhausted and a little depressed.