Sunday, July 11, 2021

Boating Adventures

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Short story about my boat.

I injured my knee at work, severely, last January.

It is walkable but no one knows what the problem is. We all hope it will work itself out.

But it can hurt.

I have had my boat ready for over a month, but social obligations, weather and fear of pain have kept me from taking it out.

Yesterday, my little brother called and asked if my boat was able to take out.

I asked him where he was stuck.

It was at a restaurant on the lake we frequent.

Scherie and I got trailered up in minutes and headed out.

A half hour later we were at the restaurant and the smell of onion rings (!) hung in the air.

It made me hungry.

We towed Tom and his family to the launch and said goodbye and headed back to the restaurant to eat. Great (relatively inexpensive) food, sitting at a table dockside watching the sunset,

I was torn over being happy his boat broke down. 🙂

Today, I was in the garage welding improvements on to the trailer that I thought of.
They worked well.

I want to say one more thing that brought a smile to my face, is that Scherie hasn’t backed a trailer since last September.

After waiting at the launch for a few guys to take forever to get their boats out of the water, I watched Scherie confidently and accurately back the trailer up to the boat.

We were out of the water in five minutes. I wish I’d photographed the guy in the truck after us with his mouth hanging open, watching her.

I loudly and repeatedly congratulated her to rub it in to anyone watching.


This is a video of her with our last car a few years ago.


  1. I left my comment at Z's, congratulating Scherie on a task less suited to the female brain for which it is harder to track the depth perception of moving objects. 5 minutes. Well done!

  2. Ah... BOATS... I want one, obviously, then again, I don't want the cost of one. Hmmmmm. Hope that knee's better.

  3. A talented woman. First try! Life is good. The knee, not so much.

  4. Oh, dear, I pray your knee gets better. Been to an Ortho yet? Too bad y'all don't live here we have a good one up in Jesup, Georgia. Stand up guy. *giggle*
    Well done Scherie! You Go Girl! I can put the boat on the trailer lickety split. That's my thang. Steve does the trailer backing up and I put the boat away but I grew up running small boats and the like in Central Florida.
    Blessings. xx

    1. I live in a state of boaters whose wives can't drive the boat or the truck it seems.
      So the guy parks the boat at the dock and runs for the truck.
      I drop Scherie off, she gets the car/trailer and gets in line.
      Then I come back. after driving the boat in a manner she wants not to be on the boat for.
      Meanwhile, 3 or 4 more people have used the launch.

  5. I hope the knee gets better. However, how does a hole in the water help one's knee? I know how a hole in the water provides a great place to throw money, but am unclear on how it heals one's knee.

    1. The two are unrelated :)
      One is a pain in the hip (near the wallet) and the other is a pain in the knee.

    2. I suppose it is a good way to situate yourself in a place where only those who can walk on water (or those similarly equipped with another hole in the water) can reach you.

  6. No doubt a lot like Rving which was my passion. Nothing less than 1K to fix anything... :)

    1. Fortunately I can do a lot of my own work.
      It's an old boat. Classic, actually.

  7. Nicely done! And yes, get back out there!

  8. Onion rings and a talented wife.
    I hope you realize how blessed you are.