Tuesday, July 6, 2021

It's a Curse

 It's been a trope in fiction, the person who was cursed to know the future.

And be able to do nothing about it.

To see the train coming and be frozen in your tracks.

To know the project is doomed to failure, and not be able to convince anyone.

I went down south to visit my mom and her most recent husband, Bob. A retired electrician and a pretty bright guy. Reminded me of Richard Farnsworth.

Mom said to him, this is my son, he's one of the brightest people I know.

Bob smiled, shook my hand and said, "It's a curse isn't it?".
He got it.


  1. Yeah, I have heard stories about people like you and Bob (Best-Of-the-Best).

    Somebody has to be taking video when the piano lands on Wily Coyote as he stands on the "X"

  2. :) This is what they say about the early stage of dementia where you know what is happening to you and can't stop it

    1. That's scary.
      My friend Jim fit that bill, and he was brilliant.

  3. About six months into Donald Trump's presidency a Bernie Sanders supporter tried to wipe out an entire Republican Baseball Team. Then they found a list of all Conservative Congress people in his pocket. The kicker is that they buried the story faster than they buried the shooters name.. Today almost nobody recognizes the name James Hodgkinson. Did he meet with democrat staffers while he was living in his van? Did he meet his idol Bernie Sanders? Did democrats supply him with the baseball practice schedule and the names of the conservatives? The Feds forget to check, or didn’t they car, because they just acted as if nothing happened. In fact Obama should have gotten an Acacemy Award for acting as if NOTHING happened. He could hace put it right next to his Nobel Peace Prize another award for doing nothing.
    Would they have acted the same way if the shooter was shooting at a bunch of Progressives playing Baseball?

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    Someone should tell Old Delusional Biden that it’s safe to put this coloring book and come out from under his bed. THERE WAS NO INSURRECTION.
    And tell Fancy Nancy her Hysteria is unwarranted.

  4. It may be a trope of science fiction to know of the future, but to be able to do nothing about it.

    However, as Christians, we know of the future and can do everything to change it for ourselves. The problem comes with convincing others of their need to change course and adopt the Way.

  5. HAH! I know how you both feel!