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Labor Day


Your American Heritage Sept 4,2021


Good Afternoon and welcome to Your American Heritage where we talk about the two things you’re not supposed talk about in polite society: Religion and Politics.  

My name is Ed Bonderenka, and I’m not your fuzzy insurrectionist..
My pronouns are Hey! You!

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It’s Day 227 of the coup, the takeover of the American Government by forces opposed to the values of the founders of the nation. By those who seek to enslave Americans and enrich themselves.

Let’s open in prayer.
Father, please lead us and guide us today and in the days to come,
Please give us the wisdom we need as we fight the destruction of our country by the people who are supposed to be defending it and us. Please help us retake the reigns of government from these traitors and criminals.
Please move mightily and either bring them to a place of repentance or remove them from power.
Please reveal the intent of their hearts to the American people.
Please help the American People to turn You for support and strength.
It is the power of Your Spirit that can strengthen and empower us regardless of denomination or religious affiliation.
It is your principles that our form of government was founded on.
Please help us return to those principles. Amen

 It’s Labor Day weekend. It’s the day that our government has decided to set aside as a day to memorialize Labor.

It was that or May Day, a day very overtly connected with international socialism, another name for communism.

The proposal for a day to celebrate labor came from some of the earliest trade unions and labor organizations which popped up after the 1860s. The two prominent labor organizations at the time were the Central Labor Union and the Knights of Labor.
The CLU was led by a Marxist and the Knights of Labor were a secret society that went public eventually.
They both held a large rally in Early September that they inspired them to make it an annual event with national recognition.
It is also said that the VP of the AFL about that time, inspired by the MayDay labor events he had seen in Europe promoted the September day because of the weather of the first week of September. He imagined parades, picnics to which tickets would be sold to as fundraisers and speeches made to those present.
Definitely a political event. And the Central Labor Union liked the idea.
Over the years, states and municipalities adopted the date and eventually By 1894, thirty U.S. states were already officially celebrating Labor Day. In that year, Congress passed a bill recognizing the first Monday of September as Labor Day and making it an official federal holiday. President Grover Cleveland signed the bill into law.

Remember, not every Federal Holiday is a day off work for the general public. Columbus Day (Indigenous People’s Day) is an example of that. President’s Day is another example.

 Enjoy the weekend. For me and mine every day is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it.

Your mileage may vary.

 (These are my show notes. Dave did not show as he is down with covid.  The topics remained)

Today’s guest is friend of the show, attorney David Kallman.
Dave is a principal in Kallman Legal Group. He is also a co-founder of Great Lakes Justice Center and Salt and Light Global.
Visit or

Hi Dave!
Last week, as we talked, you were in the office working on a case that you said would be very important and I had asked you back to talk about it.
Then I heard you on the Steve Gruber Show which is carried on WAAM radio weekday mornings and you briefly talked about the case. I’d like you to expand on that case and what it means for us.

 Western Michigan University Case

A judge has blocked Western Michigan University from enforcing a COVID-19 vaccine requirement on four female soccer players who sued.


U.S. District Judge Paul Maloney in Grand Rapids ruled that they are likely to prevail on claims it violates their constitutional religious rights. He issued the temporary restraining order Tuesday, the school’s deadline for athletes to get an initial shot or be unable to compete.

Maloney scheduled a hearing concerning a temporary injunction on Sept. 9.

Unlike at other Michigan universities, Western’s vaccine requirement does not extend to all students and employees, though the unvaccinated do have to undergo weekly coronavirus testing.


How solid is this a victory?

an OpEd in the WSJ notes:

“This one delegates exclusive enforcement to private citizens, who are authorized to sue anyone who “aids or abets” an abortion after six weeks. Citizens who prevail in their civil lawsuits are entitled to at least $10,000 per abortion along with legal costs.”

The law sets an awful precedent that conservatives should hate. Could California allow private citizens to sue individuals for hate speech? Or New York deputize private lawsuits against gun owners? Texas argues that abortion providers don’t have standing to challenge the law because the state isn’t enforcing it and neither at this point is any private citizen. Thus there is no case or controversy, which is what courts are supposed to settle. This is technically correct and it is why the five Justices declined to enjoin the law.

Could this be used by Blue States to attack gun rights for instance?

CNN: “Wednesday night's order, issued with barely three days of consideration, represented nothing short of a jolt and an assault on a woman's constitutional right to end a pregnancy in its early months.”

Planned Parenthood v. Casey
The Court overturned the Roe trimester framework in favor of a viability analysis, thereby allowing states to implement abortion restrictions that apply during the first trimester of pregnancy. The Court also replaced the strict scrutiny standard of review required by Roe with the undue burden standard, under which abortion restrictions would be unconstitutional when they were enacted for "the purpose or effect of placing a substantial obstacle in the path of a woman seeking an abortion of a nonviable fetus."


John MacArthur and Grace Community Church won against LA County and the state of California to recoup legal fees.


  1. I hate to say it, but I don't like the mechanics of the Texas law at all. It sets a terrible precedent. Just make it illegal and enforce the thing?

    BUt what am I saying, the rule of law no longer applies to the left. So.

    Great prayer. Amen.

  2. A remarkable, and extraordinary thing has happened in American politics this year. The The American people are on the verge of revolt, they have had more than they can bear of the Biden Presidency. And they looking for someone who will and can do what they have been wanted done for many years now.
    The Former President Trump speaks for the “silent majority” of Americans who are frustrated with the direction that the country is going in and want it stopped right now.
    Remember the speech that Richard Nixon gave when he gave reference to “The Silent Majority”? Well The Silent Majority” is back, and “we’re going to take the country back,” Trump said “We’re going to make America great again”..

    Sound cute and like a preacher? Well it may, but this guy really means what he says. This guy is not a typical lying politician, this guy has a proven record of doing what he says. And another thing, why aren’t the “Progressive” bloggers Blogging about their Democratic Buffoon Joey Biden? Instead are on the defensive calling The Donald all these stupid names lie a “Buffoon”, saying that “Trump is a lose cannon” ,and a “Clown” And blogging 3 times a day about how stupid his hair looks! I’ll tell you why, because they are shitting in their pants that’s why! Even the Democrats are starting to wonder why they voted for a Demented, Lying, Senil, Nincompoop like Joey Biden when the handwriting was already on the wall, right in front of their eyes! . .Because they wanted to replace the President who has done remarkable things for this country? Just because he wiped the floor with their Sweetheart, the Lying Thieving, Corrupt, Hillary Clinton!
    And yet they seemed surprised that Donald Trump had been surging in the polls! And getting TENS OF THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE AT HIS RALLIES. I’m not surprised, and I’ll tell you something else, if he gets the nomination in 2024, I’ll vote for him again and in a flash!
    Trump said something about “SOME” illegal aliens being murderers and rapists, well that’s true, isn’t it. If you don’t believe that then you haven’t been reading the newspapers lately! The Politically Correct people sounds like a bunch of preachers . They still can’t believe he said it. But it’s the truth, and the truth is what the voters want to hear (for a change) .
    He has taken a lot of abuse because of that remark, NBC has ended its relationship with his Apprentice show, and his “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe” pageants for what they call “insulting Mexicans”.
    Despite all the attacks from the mainstream media, and the heard of 15 other Republican candidates, and the vicious attacks for the progressive lunatics, Donald Trump continued to surge in the polls, and continues to be the Front-Runner for 2014..
    None of that matters...his message of giving AMERICA BACK TO AMERICANS is exactly what the American voters both Right-winger and yes even Left-winger want to hear.
    And a final note to all you Liberals and “Progressives”, no one ever lost an election because of a Bad Hair-style!
    And now wile we STILL have HOSTAGES in Afghanistan, due to BIDEN’S Blunder the Democratic White House hopes that we American’s are SO Stupid that we can all forget Afghanistan... And The Press Will Help!
    Do they ACTUALLY believe that we will just forget about Biden's horrific lie about not leaving until every American is evacuated, and just Forget about the hundreds of Americans that HE left behind?
    Well Joe Biden, his Administration, and the Progressive Media just might be able to pull it off for a little while...until ISISA beheads a couple of Americans on International TV.
    This Man has NO MORAL Compass. NONE! Throughout his entire 45 years in politics, he has NEVER contributed ONE SINGLE good idea or plan.
    And even today, there are HUNDREDS of people in Afghanistan being held Hostage because of HIM!
    Even t he Afghanistan interpreter who rescued Biden and several other Senators in 2008... Biden has left him and his family behind. He's been BEGGING Biden to please help to rescue his family. And what do we hear? CRICKETS!

  3. The thing these idiot liberals don't seem to understand, is that Biden left AMERICANS behind, way more than they are admitting to, and now the Taliban, ISIS-K, or whoever else is now dictates the news that the American press might try to ignore.
    And after 13 Marines, and Hundreds of Afghans were Murdered, Biden still is calling this a SUCCESS. Can you even imagine such insanity?

    They know, or at least they THINK that Americans have a short attention span, and a short memory, and easily distracted. All they have to do is ignore, deflect and wait for them to get bored of Afghanistan and eventually it will just disappear and they wont be held responsible for anything. And that all they need to do is to talk about the recent Hurricane, and the floods, and that we will forget about this MONSTROSITY. .

    And the whole time Main Stream media will do what they can to not report on anything bad or bring any attention to it for the administration.
    PS, and our Southern Border is still allowing Millions of ILLEGAL”S into the country even if they test Positive to Covid-19. But don’t you DARE to walk into a Restaurant without a Mask or without your Vaccination Papers, or the Restaurant will get Shut Down.
    Go to any hotel or restaurant and look around.
    I don’t know about you, but hear a outcry of a lot of people against these people working here but I hear people saying that they would be willing to pay more for the services LEGAL’S provide. AND NOT ILLEGAL’S .

    Also Statics show that Illegal aliens put American workers out of Jobs at a cost in excess of $133 BILLION DOLLARS last year, and high school kids cannot find summer jobs in Gardening, Service Jobs in Restaurants, Fast Food or other Service Jobs. Why? Because Illegal aliens work at a Third the Price and Often, Under The Table, without paying Taxes. .
    So, Not Only Do Your Kids Not Have Jobs; You’re Paying The Taxes for Illegal Aliens Who Are Not Paying Taxes. And think about the $56 billion in Pure Cash Illegal Migrants sent to Their Home Countries last year and every year? That’s after their kids enjoyed Free Education, Free Lunches and Free Medical, and Hospital Care Paid for by You.
    As Americans we must take action to Stop these Illegal’s and force our leaders to stop this illegal immigration madness.

  4. Aside from the very likely un-Constitutionality of this bill, and the horrible precedence it sets....I'm especially bemused by Gov Abbotts answer to a question of why the bill doesn't have an exemption for rape or incest.

    Apparently, in his fever dreams, they'll 'hunt down all rapists in Texas', so that rape never happens.

    That makes as much sense as Leftists saying that restricting firearms to law abiding Citizens...prevents crime....

  5. Interesting set of topics... :-)