Tuesday, August 31, 2021

I Accuse

I posted the Patriot or Traitor Quiz a few days ago.
Read it on the radio.
I neglected "Criminal" as a choice.


The Arms Export Control Act of 1976 (Title II of Pub.L. 94–329, 90 Stat. 729, enacted June 30, 1976, codified at 22 U.S.C. ch. 39) gives the President of the United States the authority to control the import and export of defense articles and defense services. The H.R. 13680 legislation was passed by the 94th Congressional session and enacted into law by the 38th President of the United States Gerald R. Ford on June 30, 1976.[1]

The Act of Congress requires international governments receiving weapons from the United States to use the armaments for legitimate self-defense. Consideration is given as to whether the exports "would contribute to an arms race, aid in the development of weapons of mass destruction, support international terrorism, increase the possibility of outbreak or escalation of conflict, or prejudice the development of bilateral or multilateral arms control or nonproliferation agreements or other arrangements."[2] The Act also places certain restrictions on American arms traders and manufacturers, prohibiting them from the sale of certain sensitive technologies to certain parties and requiring thorough documentation of such trades to trusted parties.

When the President is aware of the possibility of violations of the AECA, the law requires a report to Congress on the potential violations.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducts an industry outreach program called the Project Shield America to prevent foreign adversaries, terrorists, and criminal networks from obtaining U.S. munitions and strategic technology.[3] 

Biden transferred some of the most sensitive military technology we have to enemy forces.
There is every reason to believe that our enemies will use that technology against American Citizens.

That's not just criminal, that's treason. Hanging would be too good for this administration.


  1. Of course facecrap finds your post offensive.
    Biden won't be tried for treason, sadly. Not just because he's a demonrat; but because he'd be found mentally incompetent to stand trial.

    1. I read today that if Biden were removed, Kamala would be POTUS but choice of Veep would have to be vetted by the Senate.
      But she could no longer be a tie breaker.
      We would not see a Veep nor another Dem bill passed.

    2. Beyond his violation of the Arms Export Control Act, why not just apply the same standard to Biden regarding his request for a quid-quo-pro with Ghani as was applied against President Trump during his first impeachment?

  2. Get four ropes then.....as the equipment "left behind" was divested to GiROA and the ANSF through the Foreign Military Sales program [administered by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency], and done so over the past 2 decades.

    Additionally, that equipment was in toto, export versions...not "some of the most sensitive military technology".

    Anything that U.S. forces left behind [such as at HKIA this week, and Bagram earlier this year], was demilled. Our actual enemies already have this technology, as we sell it across the breadth of the globe.

    This same theme occurred in 2014 in Iraq. Were you as upset then, when ISIS acquired all of the similar equipment when the ISF folded?

    Finally, if the Taliban were officially an enemy force, why haven't four consecutive Administrations designated them a Foreign Terrorist Organization.

    We've been lied to and manipulated for 20 years....I guess it's good that the public finally seems to give a sh*t about it [sort of].

  3. Most of our government are traitors, including quite a few Republicans. It's a sad state of affairs.

  4. They are now saying they 'gave' it to the Afghanis to help them... And it's gone straight to Russia and China for tech transfer.

    1. But CI assures us their was no real tech transfer...

    2. I'm not aware of any piece of equipment that we divested to the Afghans, that is not likewise available to any other country that we sell arms to. FMS also has differing tiers of what type of technology can go to which countries. Afghanistan was never high on that list, for obvious reasons.

    3. But we are not supposed to sell to the Taliban...
      You're saying We just left Afghan hardware behind and not US stock?

    4. We left some of our equipment behind, especially at HKIA, after we demilled it. Politico did a piece on this when we were prepping to close Bagram.

      But the laundry list that has making the rounds [which is also wildly inaccurate with regard to the $ value] is equipment that we've been divesting to the ANA for close to twenty years. This equipment has been flung far an wide across the country and generally collected up by the Taliban when they overran or scared off the ANA.

      Equipment that wasn't previously sold on the black market anyway [a tradition from the Soviet occupation days].

  5. Read a blurb, Biden’s new pals just gave some of our weapons to Iran…great, just great.

  6. The Act of Congress requires international governments receiving weapons from the United States to use the armaments for legitimate self-defense.

    You could drive a freight train through that subjective loop-hole. We know the cost to our armed forces of providing sophisticated weapons to a potential enemy. It didn’t stop the two dimwits in the Senate (McCain/Graham) from providing our entire arsenal of small arms and automated weapons to “Libyan rebels” (who turned out to be the founding fathers of ISIS), which was no small glitch, and there was nothing ever done to punish Pakistan for providing our drones to China (where they could be reverse engineered) ... and we do wonder how the Chinese came up with a near-exact copy of the F-35. Our laws mean nothing if not vigorously pursued and applied to everyone in equal measure ... including the American president. Of course, by now, treasonous behavior has become a tradition in the American political system. We can go all the way back to the beginning of the Republic to demonstrate that truth.

    1. Great criminal defense. Selective prosecution.
      But Mom.....everyone else is doing it.