Thursday, October 14, 2021

CRT Warrior Princess

 I've had my friend Ilona Rugg onYour American Heritage before.

I also had her on The Drift Radio Show and she wrote an article for my paper, when she was still working and used the nom de guerre Donna X so as to remain incognito.

She's retired now and working hard to fight CRT in the public school system.
She has been speaking at events around the state.

At one I attended, I commented that churches could (and have) inexpensively provide a church school using curriculum supplied by Accelerated Christian Education, and the pastor of that church said he was schooled under that curriculum, his kids were and he would now consider that for his church.

Ilona has been noticed by Epoch Times!
She was interviewed a few weeks ago and now they've done an article on her.

She's a warrior. 

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

Pray for her. We don't need the FBI coming after her.


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    1. Imagine! A public school teacher, knowledgeable!

  2. Now that's what I call a teacher . She is a thinker . Honesty coupled with intelligence . They are so seldom seen now-a-days .


  3. So, no one should be shocked that wherever large crowds gather people, mostly young, are shouting "LET'S GO BRANDON" And NOT "F*** JOE BIDEN!!!"
    Biden's poll numbers are dropping like a rock in the Ocean and it’s no surprise since he's been a DISASTER since day one. He promised to be lead in foreign affairs and that's a mess with Afghanistan withdrawal and that major diplomatic insult to France, our oldest ally. Combined with massive inflation for things that creates a huge financial strain on lower and middle income wage earners. Top that off with open borders with more than 2 million illegals flooding in.

    And did I mention more people have died from the virus this year than they did under Donald Trump in 2020?
    Si it’s NO wonder why our one time Great America has seen it’s last days... with these Progressive, Anti-American Burning down, and Looting their own neighborhoods, attacking U.S. Senators who don’t see things your way, attacking young Girls in the Ladies in bathrooms, Rigging Elections, Faking Court reports, Stupid ,UN-American Mandates, Leaving American Citizens behind the enemy lines, Firing people that don’t comply with their NAZI Mandates, the Mayor of Chicago threatening to Fire half of the City’s Police Force if they defy her Mandate by failing to report their vaccine status.
    Which is ABSOLUTELY NUTS, And these are the people that had the Gall to ridicule Donald Trump!
    And the list goes on, and on. . But set foot on the Capitol grounds without permission and you go to jail WITH OUT a trial. THAT'S JOE BIDEN'S AMERICA.

    Joe Biden HAS BEEN AN ABSOLUTE DISASTER, and The Democratic-Socialist, Progressives looks more like The Original Nazi Party, as our President has Dictated his orders to the Citizens, or “ELSE”...
    In the mean time, we have seen
    Gas has gone to go to nearly $5 a gallon in certain parts of the Country, preventing Truckers to do their Jobs, hence the slowdown in stocking the shelves in the Stores. .
    The California Docks have 60 Ships waiting to be un-loaded. .
    New York has people fleeing that liberal shit hole daily, and fleeing to Florida which seems to be one of the few SANE States left in the Country.
    Chicago is more dangerous than Afghanistan whis record breaking Shootings, and Murders every single day.
    Inflation is near 6%, and going up fast. .
    The Liberals are blocking 1,000s of ships from unloading their waters in California and New York... But Biden says, he has “a Plan”.
    Joe Biden gave terrorists $88 BILLION IN WEAPONS and is about to help Iran get it's 1st working Nuke so they can launch it at Israel. Isn’t that Special?

    But the same people that brought you the lie of Russian Collusion, now want to accuse President Trump of leading the people into the Capital Building
    This is why we need term limits for idiots like Schiff, Schummer, Pelosi, Waters etc

  4. She's a warrior, slowly others are emerging.