Friday, October 15, 2021

Selling America Short, Literally

What a scenario.

(I honestly give this a large amount of credence):

A person or concern wants to debase the US currency and crash the economy so that he/they can short the US Dollar in the financial markets and make trillions in whatever currency they deem to survive.
George Soros has done this once before with the Bank of London.

To do this:

·         He/They either foist (in concert with a foreign power, (Communist China, our philosophical enemy and economic rival?) or take advantage of the introduction of a virus to the population and with the help of a fifth column media (presumably useful tools who are not in on the plot):

·         They engender a panic that allows the twisting of the election process illegally but with the aid of a fifth column political party (presumably useful tools who are not in on the plot) that does not challenge the usurpation of electoral responsibility and maligns the one person that can (and would) stop the assault.

·         Promote a candidate (who one could conjecture they re-animated from the dead) to take the office of president with illegal methods (a coup).
A candidate (actually, a pair of candidates) who are so enamored of the status they would be elevated to that they are totally blind to the fate they are being thrust to:
To be forever remembered (as long as the history books are allowed to accurately record) as those responsible for the collapse of the US (if not world) economy.
Perhaps even now they see their (and our) fate and realize that there is nothing they can do to change the course that has been set in motion because they do not have the courage, skills or the allies to reverse or change the path we are on.

·         Promote an ethos (Critical Race Theory, et al) and it’s supporters in academia, the schools, churches and (most importantly) the military, that weakens our defenses against our geo-political “rivals”.

If this is true (and even if the plot is fiction, the results are the same), What can we do to change this?

And quickly? 


  1. Voting surely will not do the trick . 95% of republicans are in on the scam with the dems . Civil war would likely fail to do it . The three supreme justices with honor would and have been outvoted . That leaves only prayer and fasting in my humble opinion . Gawd is still our only hope after these many years of pseudo republican rule . I'm betting He will be our help . The Spirit of Whistleblowers is active right now . Listen to it . Pray ! Seek justice ! Blow the shofar !

    1. I'm down wit dat.
      2 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  2. "These are NOT the drones we're looking for."
    "You can lead a horse to water, but you cannot make him drink."
    Logic means nothing anymore. All that matters is sticking with the party line.
    I know... those reading here already know all this.
    We're headed for real trouble.
    Be a good Boy Scout.

  3. I'm with Robert. Dark times ahead.

  4. Be prepared, however you choose to do that.

  5. Might be a good time to track the investments of George Soros.

    1. That would be like trying to track Ernst Stavros Blofeld.
      I just finished reading your post on the effect of Biden's mandates to which I commented "Are these intended or unintended consequences?".

  6. All true, Ed, but you have a much too benign outlook. Catherine Austin Fitts commissioned Corey Lynn to write an extensive report for The Solari Report. Everything that breaks down 'borders', privacy, control of your money, and the supremacy of our constitution as domestic law is being done to bring in the international swamp. It ain't just Wash'ton. It's rot spread throughout the planet. Like a great fungal biome sub-surface in a a forest, with occasional mushroom patches poking up, the rot is peeking above the surface in things like coopting the election of a major power (that's usually what we do to others) and - tada! - vaccine 'passports.'

    The groundwork for those was being implemented over the last 3-6 years (pretty good guessing on the future, huh?) on top of decades of scheming. Just waiting for an opportunity to become the gateway to CCP-style data storage and tracking, to create a 2-prong consolidation: 1) enhanced commercial value for the "players" (especially after helpfully shutting down the little guy competitors), and 2) political and personal control. Revelation 13-style consolidated control.

    Hours of reading (with so many links), but not a minute wasted.

    Follow Robert's advice.