Saturday, November 6, 2021

Victories and How to Attain Them

  Ed Bonderenka talks to Marian Sheridan about precinct delegates, their importance, function and how to become one.

Then Ed is joined by Attorney David Kallman of the Great Lakes Justice Center for a discussion of vaccine mandates and the legal cases against them. They are then joined by Pastor Rick Deitering on Moment of Clarity to continue the discussion of a legal case Dave is handling involving the rights of embryos and the effect on abortion laws.


  1. So what good will taking legal cases against Biden's vaccine mandate when Biden tells companies to ignore it and tells his DOJ to work around it. The Constitution is not something to be worked around. It either is something or we are a dictatorship.

    Additionally, this isn't the only time Biden has ignored the Supreme Court. Remember the eviction moratorium that he was told was unconstitutional. He then had the CDC do his dirty work.

    Why are we the ones to play nice when corrupt Biden just ignores the law (as I maintain he did to get in to the office)?

    1. My apologies for all the questions without question marks.

    2. It's true the Biden has enacted orders that he admitted were illegal and would be found so by SCOTUS.
      Like Peter Woods says in his new book "Wrath!" (and he's my guest next Saturday 😉) American's are getting fed up.
      We won't be playing nice much longer.