Thursday, November 11, 2021

Range Report

 I went shooting last Sunday at my FILs property.

He had his rifled slug shotgun and a scope at 100 yards and did well.

It's sad that the Remington copper slugs he prefers are out of production and he only has about 10 rounds left. The gun may be useless after that. 

I tried my AR in 5.56 and realized the red dot was off, so I iron sighted it. 

I Grouped 4".

Did the same with my AK. 

I was kind of happy about that. Strange I didn't suffer from drop between 50 yards that I was sighted in at from the indoor range to the 100 yards on his property. Whatever I might have been shooting would not have noticed the difference.

Did some pistol work after that with the Luger and the Rugers and the Kahr.
A fun day was had.

My FIL said he wasn't going to hunt this year cause he had run out of freezer room.

I offered to take and process the kill just so he could go out for the hunt.

He appreciated that.

I'm generous that way.


  1. My Hubby has been hunting off and on but it's still too warm to enjoy being out in the woods. I wish it would cool off more. Might wanna tell your FIL to keep practicing. May come in handy later for something other than deer the way things are going. *wink*
    Blessings. xx

    1. I still have about 995 round left for each rifle and about the same for each pistol :)
      I don't want to be caught without.

  2. I don't know the answer to the question...
    Is there somewhere you could donate the meat today that would accept it?

  3. Must shoot more, much more. I think it's good for the soul.

  4. Just a technical note:
    The standard velocity, of a military load 5.56x45 bullet out of a 20" barrel is 3025 fps. It hits the same place at 50 meters as it does at 150 m with a rise of about 1 1/2" in-between. That is why the military sights in a M-16 at 50 m.
    Its all about physics. The only things that matter are the velocity of the bullet at the muzzle and the ballistic coefficient -the loss of velocity due to the frictional drag of the atmosphere-.
    So, it's not surprising that your grouping was plenty good enough for hunting. It might of actually been slightly higher at 100 yards than 50. Windage is a much more critical adjustment at such relatively short distance.
    (1yd = 0.9144m)
    Old Chief of Section, Fire Direction Control, First Infantry Division, 3/6 Artillery.

  5. You're welcome, Ed.
    I used to enjoy long range shooting with open sights at 300 to 600 yards. I'm afraid I've became too old for that now -my eyesight has gone to pot-. My weapon of choice was an old .303 Brit with a sliding rear sight for elevation -range-. I slicked up the trigger group and used hand loads for consistency.
    The AR platform is my weapon of choice for overall performance.