Sunday, November 14, 2021



Yesterday I interviewed Peter W Wood, President of the National Association of Scholars, author of A Bee in the Mouth (Anger in America), the 1620 Project (which we interviewed him about last January, get the podcast) and now his latest: Wrath: America Enraged.

That's not Peter in the video above 😀

We have a few things to be angry about.

America has no president. We have “The Big Guy”, installed by a criminally corrupt political system. That system has an agenda, and protection of your legal rights is not part of it. 

Biden’s ignoring the Supreme Court with the eviction moratorium, the “Remain in Mexico” policy, and now the Fifth’s hold on his vaccine mandate — I believe this demonstrates how lawless he has been from before his days of pressuring Ukrainian politicians. We are under attack by the very government that was selected for us.

They say: “It’s never been more dangerous for the unvaccinated than now”.
The danger is not from the ChiVi, danger is from your government.

They force us to take a “vaccine” that kills and injures many.

They lock us up in our own homes and shut down our businesses.

They abandon us in foreign countries.

They choke off our sources of energy.

They encourage an invasion across our border.

They devalue our currency effectively stealing our life savings.

There is a common swear word that no longer represents sexual penetration only but signals complete and visceral disgust and contempt for someone. And anger.

Let’s go Brandon!

Your American Heritage 11 13 2021 Peter W Wood


  1. "Gay" no longer means gay.
    Retarded? That word now only applies to when a spark plug fires.
    And I can no longer say the "N" word. Instead, I have to say "The 'N' word", which means the same thing, doesn't it?
    My ex-wife used to use the word "Shite". I had to ask her if she thought it brought to mind anything different than using the real word.
    Aren't we stupid?

  2. Well said Ed. This should be printed on billboards all across America. Maybe it would wake up a few people.
    The Left's goal is to destroy American culture, exceptionalism and economy so as to remake us in the Communist's image of "Utopia". We MUST fight this tooth and nail until we are no longer breathing or they will stop our breathes themselves.
    God bless you and yours fellow Patriot. xx

    1. What did you think of the segment with Dr. Wood?


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